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20 Incredible Ways to Use Salt Other Than in Foods

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While you might want to limit your intake of salt in foods as NYC advises subway riders to compare labels and choose less sodium you can still use this versatile mineral for a variety of tasks around the house.

Salt does a lot more than add flavor to foods. While you might want to limit your intake of salt for health reasons, this versatile mineral does everything from remove stains to deter ants. In New York City, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene launched a new ad campaign on subways to advise people against consuming too much salt. Last week we explored 20 amazing uses for baking soda. Now discover 20 incredible ways you can use salt around the house.

Using Salt in the Bathroom

In NYC, the Department of Health and Hygiene launched a campaign on subways to advise people that consuming too much salt is bad. While you might not want to add it to your steak, there are a few unique ways you can use salt in the bathroom. This inexpensive mineral can handle a variety of tasks including:

1. Do you want your toothbrushes to last longer? Soak them in salt water before you use them to extend their life.

2. Is mildew a constant problem in your bathroom as people use it throughout the day to wash up? A mixture of salt and lemon juice can be used to remove unsightly mildew. This mixture can also be used to get rid of rust and remove stains in clothing. There are people who also use a mix of salt and lemon to whiten their teeth, though it might be slightly abrasive.

3. Is your white enamel sink, tub and toilet bowl getting dingy? Mix salt and turpentine into a paste to get them clean and white again.

4. Many of our grandmothers recommended a salt water gargle when our throats were sore from talking or a possible cold. This simple solution still rings true today. Add salt to warm water for a soothing gargle.

5. With the arrival of spring comes sore throats, sneezing and irritate eyes from allergies. Soothe sore eyes with a clean cloth soaked in warm saltwater.

Using Salt to Get Rid of Bugs and Weeds

Spring is here which means the ants are coming back and so are the weeds. Discover how to use salt to get rid of them naturally.

6. Are the ants marching one by one in your kitchen cabinets or other areas of you home? Keep them away by sprinkling salt on the shelves and other places where they might linger.

7. Are the weeds starting to pop up between the walkway cracks? To keep weeds and grass from growing in these tight quarter, sprinkle salt in the cracks.

Using Salt for Cleaning

Besides being useful in the bathroom and beyond, salt is excellent for a wide variety of cleaning purposes such as:

8. Are your white t-shirts and hankies getting dingy and dull? Brighten them up and get rid of stains by soaking them in saltwater before you toss them in the washing machine.

9. If your coffee pot gets a lot of action, it probably looks brown and yucky. Clean it up by using salt as a gentle scrub.

10. Over time, the bottom of an iron can get dirty which often rubs off on your clothes. Get your iron clean by putting salt on a damp cloth and scrubbing it.

11. Nobody likes the smell of musty sponges by the sink but they still might have plenty of use left. Soak them in saltwater to get rid of that nasty odor.

12. Whether you rent or own your own, hanging pictures can cause small holes. If you take the picture down, these holes are left behind. Nobody wants to start spackling a few small holes. Simply mix equal parts of salt and starch with a bit of water to create a putty to fill the holes in your walls.

13. Over time, copper and brass get a dull look and discolor. Polish them to a shiny finish using a past made from salt and vinegar that is thickened with a bit of flour.

14. Nobody wants to cry over spilled wine, but it's hard not to – especially if it is red wine. Just cover the fabric or carpet with the wine stain with salt. Let it sit for about a half hour then rinse it will cool water to get rid of the wine.

Using Salt in the Kitchen

Everyone knows people use salt in the kitchen to flavor all kinds of foods. But there are other great ways to use salt in the kitchen, including:

15. Spring and summer are times when families love to go fishing. Nothing seems to taste better than a fish you caught yourself. Before descaling the fish, soak it in salt water. The scales come off more easily.

16. Are you unsure of whether the remaining eggs in your refrigerator are fresh? Test them out in a cup of saltwater. The bad ones float while the good ones sink.

17. Do you have trouble with pancakes sticking to the bottom of your griddle? Make them slide off easily by rubbing the griddle with salt first.

18. As spring gets warmer, our gardens start to bloom. It feels great to cut a fresh bouquet and display them on the kitchen or dining room table. Keep cut flowers fresher longer by adding a little salt to the water in the vase.

19. Are your enamel pots and pans encrusted with yesterday's burnt dinner remains? Soak them in salt water overnight then boil the salt water in them the following morning to get rid of those stubborn stains.

20. If your casseroles or pies tend to bubble over in the oven, you know what a mess it can make. Put salt over the spill and let the items in the oven continue to bake. It gets rid of the burned smell and bakes into a crust that wipes off easily when you cool the oven.

Salt is also incredibly useful in beauty treatments. Often women use a salt water spray to make their hair look tousled, as if they had just visited the beach. Salt water sprays are also a way to brighten your skin and slough off dead skin cells. Below is a bonus tip in a video showing how to use salt in a pedicure to get rid of calluses. Who knew there were so many ways to use this affordable mineral? Can you think of other ways to use salt? Share them with us in the comments section below.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons Kevin Dooley


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I use salt in a combination with nail glue. It makes an awesome chemical connection, and is extremely hard... Shoe repair men use this to repair shoes and I use it to fix anything in the house!

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