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20 Unique Ways to Use Flour Around the House

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Flour is a basic staple in most households that can be used for everything from cleaning to crafts to beauty treatments.

Most people keep flour in the pantry to make pastries and breads as well as thicken sauces and gravies. Flour can also be used for a variety of unusual household purposes. From cleaning copper to combating acne, flour is truly an all-purpose household item.

Household Uses for Flour

From getting crafty to cleaning up, there are a multitude of household uses for flour. Recently HGTV offered some gluten-free recipe ideas. If you are looking to get rid of the flour in your house, you don't have to throw it away. There are excellent ways to use it for all types of purposes.

1. Do your kids love the feeling of play dough? You don't have to go to the toy store to get it. Just mix up 1 cup of flour with 1 cup of warm water and a half cup of salt with a tablespoon of vegetable oil to create your own play dough. A tablespoon of cream of tartar improves the consistency. Add a dash of food coloring to make the dough even more fun. Consider these 20 other ways to use salt for all kinds of household purposes.

2. Are you ready to give your kids a whole new experience? Make cloud dough for them to play with. It feels like regular flour but kids can mold it into shapes. Simple mix a cup of baby oil into 8 cups of flour to awaken their senses and creativity.

3. Take your crafting up another notch so grown-ups can enjoy it, too. Create your own modeling clay using 1 ½ cups of flour with a half cup of water, 1/8 cup of salt and tablespoon of vegetable oil. Knead the dough then mold it into any shape you want. Make a permanent work of art by baking it in the over for an hour at about 250 degrees. It will get hard and be a piece you can treasure forever or give as a gift.

4. Are you have trouble opening the lids on some of your older plastic containers? When you get them open, put the edge of the containers in flour. The lid won't stick anymore when you put it back on the container.

5. Does your stainless steel sink look dingy and dull? Flour can brighten it up. Sprinkle flour on the sink when it is dry. Rub it with a soft cloth and let it sit then rinse away for a lustrous shine.

6. Copper tends to get icky over time and needs a bit of shine. Mix equal amounts of flour, white vinegar and salt to make a paste. Apply it to the copper, let it dry then buff with with a soft cloth. The copper will look fabulous! Check out this 20 ways to use vinegar around the house.

7. Ward off ants by using a line of flour. Sprinkle it in the garden or at points of entry to try to prevent them from getting into your space.

8. Is your poker deck sticky from oily snacks and sticky fingers? If your cards are getting stuck together, toss them in a bag with a half cup of flour to soak up the greasy and icky stuff. They will be easier to separate during your next poker game.

9. Do you want to keep pests away from your potatoes? Protect your harvest by sprinkling flour on your potato plants. It's a natural way to get rid of them without using lots of chemical concoctions.

10. Did you still want to make guacamole after those Cinco de Mayo cocktail recipes from HGTV? If your avocados are not ripe, put them in a bowl then cover them with flour. Let them sit for a day or so until they ripen. Now you're ready to make guacamole dip and margaritas!

11. Create your own glue using flour, sugar, white vinegar and water. You can use this glue for paper mache and more. It's also inexpensive to make. Here are 20 other ways to use sugar.

12. Give your laundry a clean and crisp look by making your own starch. Mix 2 tablespoons of flour into a cup of cold water. Add this mix into a cup of boiling water and whisk until it becomes thick. Let it cool then use it to starch a piece of clothing.

13. Spray glue is handy to have around for all types of projects. Boil 3 cups of water with a bit of salt. Put on medium heat and slowly stir in 3 tablespoons of flour. Let the mixture get cool to room temperature. Add to a spray bottle ¼ filled with rubbing alcohol to make your own spray glue.

Flour for Beauty

A fantastic beauty routine does not have to be expensive. Flour can be used to create excellent beauty treatments on a budget.

14. Are you trying to fight a few acne blemishes? Mix equal amounts of flour and honey agave nectar. Put the paste on your pimple, cover with a band-aid overnight and see the swelling go down by the time you wake up the next day.

15. When you're in a rush to get out, dry shampoo can be a wonderful thing. Flour is a perfect dry shampoo on-the-go. Sprinkle it on the roots your hair then brush it away with a fluffy makeup brush to get rid of excess oil.

16. Do you prefer to use natural remedies on your baby? Mix regular flour and brown flour in a fry pan on low heat until it turns a light brown hue then cool to use as a soothing powder. The remainder can be stored in a sealed container for future use over the next few days.

17. Flour face masks can make a major difference in your appearance. One way to get smoother skin is to mix 2 tablespoons of rice flour, 1 tablespoon of green tea and 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply, let dry then rinse for a silky look. Consider these 20 other uses for rice.

18. Another flour face mask uses 2 tablespoons of chick pea flour with 3 tablespoons of almond milk and ¼ tablespoon of tumeric. It is a vegan mask that refreshes your skin. Let it dry for no more than 20 minutes then rinse.

19. Flush out toxins in your skin with a mask made from red grapes and flour. Mash a cup of red grapes into pulp then add a few tablespoons of flour. Turn the mix into a paste and apply to your face for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and dry gently.

20. Are you looking to whiten and brighten your skin? Mix 2 tablespoons of flour with 1 tablespoon of yogurt and a dash of tumeric. Apply to your face and let it dry for 25 minutes then scrub it off and rinse with warm water.

Flour is much more versatile than people might think. Can you think of other ways to use flour for household purposes and beauty? Share them with us in the comments section below!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons