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20 Unique Ways to Use Lemons Around the House

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As a leading nutrition expert admits to US Health News she uses lemons in everything there are even more unique ways to use lemons for anything from cleaning to beauty treatments.

Besides their sunny yellow color, lemons grab our attention for their versatility. Recently a leading nutrition expert admitted to using lemons in nearly all her recipes. However, lemons can also be used for a variety of unusual purposes around the house. We recently explored 20 amazing ways to use baking soda and 20 incredible ways to use salt. Now let's discover 20 unique ways to use lemons beyond nutrition. Who knew this sour fruit could be so sweet?

Lemons for Health and Beauty

US Health News just reported on the foods leading nutrition experts cannot live without. Television host Ellie Krieger, MS, RDN and author of “Comfort Food Fix,” admitted to using lemons in everything from water to zest. She also uses lemon juice to brighten up grain pilafs. Beyond adding taste and vitamins to your favorite recipes, lemons also add zing to all kinds of beauty treatments:

1. Do you like the skin you're in or could it use improvement? Lemon juice contains citric acid, vitamin C and has alkaline properties to combat bacteria. It is an excellent skin treatment to minimize acne, fade age spots, get rid of scars and cleanse away oils. Lemon juice can even soften wrinkles.

2. Lemon oil and honey is an excellent way to relieve skin irritations such as eczema and bug bites. You can also squeeze a lemon on the spot that bothers you. Avoid bug bites altogether by applying lemon oil and water as a natural insect repellant. It sure smells better than some of the stinky OTC insect repellants that also repel your date on a hot summer night!

3. Most people like colorful foods like beets but don't like having stained hands. Just squeeze some lemon juice on your hands, wait for a few minutes then wash if off with soap and water. If the stain is stubborn, you might have to repeat the process for smooth, clean hands.

4. Did you have garlic and onions for dinner? Don't offend others with your bad breath. Just rince your mouth out with lemon juice to turn your mouth into a space where smelly bacteria won't thrive. Rinse with water after rinsing with lemon juice to get the acid out of your mouth – it could cause damage to your tooth enamel with continued use.

5. The spring is here which means everyone is getting ready for some fun in the sun. Get the sun-kissed look of highlights in your hair faster by using lemon juice. Mix a half cup of lemon juice with one cup of water then rinse your hair with it. Soak up the sun until your hair dries and let the highlights sparkle.

6. Do you have a sore throat or those painful canker sores? Mix lemon juice, salt and water for a soothing gargle.

7. Do you panic when you get a nose bleed? Stay calm, knowing you now have a solution. Saturate a cotton ball with lemon juice and place it in the bleeding nostril to stop the flow of blood.

8. Did you know lemon juice is good for your health? It can relieve ailments such as constipation, fatigue and even fight cancer. Relieve nausea and combat the symptoms of a cold by drinking hot tea with lemon juice and honey. Drink a mixture of lemon juice and water after working out to feel revitalized and reduce overheating.

Lemons for Cleaning and Household Uses

Spring is here which means everyone is cleaning their homes. It is time to get past the winter doldrums and have a fresh house for spring. Lemons can help you to make it happen:

9. Squeeze a half lemon on a cotton pad and place it in your refrigerator to get rid of yucky odors after you get rid of those unidentifiable leftovers. Your fridge will smell fresh again, especially if you remember to check the back for mystery packages.

10. Are your cutting board, pots and pans looking dingy or icky? Scrub them with a half lemon and a dash of salt. You will be amazed at how clean they look with a fresh scent. Lemon can do what your scrubber and dish soap can't. This is also an excellent way to get rid of stains on marble surfaces.

11. Nothing is better on a cool spring night than lighting the indoor or outdoor fireplace. But the pungent odor of burning wood can get overwhelming. When you light a fire, toss a few lemon rinds into the flames to create a refreshing scent.

12. Are bugs really starting to bug you? Ants seem to march one by one through your home as soon as spring starts. Get rid of them naturally by spraying lemon juice where they are found. Locate the areas of entrance and place lemon rinds so ants stay out. If you have nasty cockroaches, wash your floors with a mix of water, lemon juice and lemon rinds. The cockroaches will go away because the scent is overwhelming to them.

13. Do you heat and cook a lot of food in your microwave? It is likely the inside has some yucky stuff stuck to it. Place bowl filled with water and lemon juice in the oven then heat it for about ten minutes. The steam helps you to wipe away dirt with a cloth.

14. If you have a self-conscious teen at home, your mirrors are likely to be smeared from frequent use. Create a mix of water and lemon juice to spray on your mirrors and make them clean again. It also adds a fresh scent to the room.

15. Over time, wood furniture looks worn and dirty. Give it new life by putting lemon oil on a soft cloth and wiping it down. It gives the wood luster and gets rid of fingerprints and other telltale signs of daily life. It also makes the room smell wonderful.

16. Do you have stains in the bottom of your coffee or tea cup from drinking these beverages all day? Get rid of them by rubbing your cup with a lemon and dash of salt. Let it set for a few minutes then wash the cup with soap and water. If there are still signs of the stains, repeat the process.

17. As people reap the reward of their gardens in the spring and summer, they often create their own fragrant potpourri to place in bowls around the house. Add a few dried lemon rinds to really add a pleasant scent to the rooms in your home.

18. Is your garbage disposal a stinky place you want to avoid? Run some lemon peels through the garbage disposal to make it smell better.

19. Are you getting ready to start your spring garden? Most people analyze their soil first to see how it can be improved for the best possible growing conditions. If you soil lacks acidity, add some lemon peels to the ground before planting.

20. Are your copper items getting dark and unattractive over time? Make them look like new by creating a paste made of salt and lemon juice. Use a rough cloth to rub it on your copper items and make them gleam.

There are many ways you can refresh your home and appearance by using lemons. When you get handed a lemon, it's time to make lemonade! Can you think of other ways to use lemons? Share them with us in the comment section below!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons André Karwath aka Aka

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