20 Uses for Old Cookie Sheets Including HGTV Craft Suggestions

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HGTV just posted some fantastic ways to use cookie sheets for crafts which bring to mind a few more ways old cookie sheets come in handy around the house.

Old cookie sheets might not look good enough for your favorite chocolate chip cookies but HGTV has some excellent ways to use them in crafts. It brings to mind additional ways those rusty old cookie sheets may be repurposed around the house. From a dry erase board to a TV tray, don't throw away those old cookie sheets yet!

HGTV Crafts with Old Cookie Sheets

The HGTV blog just posted some great ways to bring new life to your old cookie sheets. While they might be too rusty for cooking, you can create some cool crafts with those cookie sheets. Here are some awesome cookie sheet craft ideas from HGTV plus a few more:

1. A cookie sheet can be used to hold items from your dresser. You can decorate it with acrylic paints to match the décor in your bedroom. Use it to organize jewelry, perfume and other accessories you keep on the dresser.

2. A decorated cookie sheet also makes an excellent serving try. Use it for breakfast in bed or to serve snacks in living room while you watch television. Another option if you don't have time to paint it is to add a glued layer of decorated fabric or a pretty kitchen towel to hide the rusty bottom.

3. A cookie sheet can be painted black and used as a chalkboard to share messages with your family or write to-do lists. Kids will love it to play school.

4. Another idea is to make magnetic memo board using a cooke sheet. Use it to display refrigerator magnets or in your kids' rooms as a decoration or toy. It is perfect for those magnetic alphabet letters you don't know what to do with. HGTV mentions how kids can use it as a lap desk.

5. Another suggestion from HGTV is creating a cookie sheet calendar so you always know what day it is. They also offer a link to a terrific tutorial.

6. The HGTV blog article also directs crafty people to a tutorial about how to make cookie sheets into a board game kids can play in the backseat while during long road trips. Best of all, cookie sheets have a lip so the dice don't go under the seat and get lost.

More Crafty Ideas with Old Cookie Sheets

Nobody like to throw away something that might have more life. Consider a few more crafty ideas to turn cookie sheets into a special item you can use – even if it has nothing to do with baking oatmeal raisin cookies:

7. Is your jewelry all tangled on your dresser? Put magnetic hooks on a cookie sheet and hang it on the wall. Put your bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry on the hooks. What a great way to stay organized on a budget! It also makes it easy to find jewelry to match any outfit on a moment's notice.

8. Are your plants getting water and gunk everywhere? Make the area under your house plants clean by putting them on an old cookie sheet to catch the dirt and water. It is also an excellent way to move the plants from one sunny window to another as the sun moves throughout the day.

9. Your kids love to get crafty, too, but often wind up making a major mess. Use the cookie sheet as a work area to catch glitter and glue while they make their own amazing creations. You can also use the sheets to store crafty items such as paper and crayons.

10. Do you like working with model clay or are your kids thrilled by play-doh? Use the cookie sheet as a firm and portable surface for making figures and other items out of clay. They can even be baked on the same tray if you decide to make them permanent items you want to keep.

11. A cookie sheet can even organize items you use outside such as the gardening tools you keep scrambled in your garage or shed. You can also use it to carry them around the yard as you tidy up.

12. Did you ever imagine keeping cookie sheets in your refrigerator instead of your oven? It's a handy way to pull items from the back of your fridge rather than forgetting they exist until weeks later. They also make it a breeze to clean your refrigerator. Another great way to clean your refrigerator is using vinegar. Consider 20 other ways to use vinegar around the house.

13. Old cookie sheets are also handy to have along during a picnic. You can eat on them and turn them over to play a hand or two of gin or poker.

14. Are the burners on your stove looking ugly or you just don't want to see them anymore? Turn the cookie sheet over and use it to cover your burners. It's a lot less expensive than those customized burner covers and creates an additional work area in a small space.

15. A cookie sheet can also be used by the amateur mechanic in your house. It can catch oil and dirt as the job is being done. It is also an organized way to hold those stray bolts so they don't get lost.

16. Magnetic dart boards are fun because there are no risks of getting hurt by sharp points. Glue a target on a cookie sheet, hang it on the wall and toss some magnetic darts at it. What an affordable way to have fun!

17. Remember a cookie sheet is made from metal. Use it for all those small metal project around the house. It can even do double duty as a mirror. Below is a video showing how to make a metal fish wall hanging from a disposable aluminum cookie sheet. Even those cookie sheets can do double duty!

18. Do you have wet shoes in the entry that get the floor all muddy and icky? Put out a couple of old cookie sheets where to catch the dirt by the doorway so you're not constantly cleaning it up.

19. Are the kids looking to sled down a small hill but the sleds are still tucked away? That first snowy day is often unexpected. Whip out your old cookie sheets and use them as informal sleds.

20. There is also a way you might be able to use those old cookie sheets for baking sugar cookies a few more times. Line them with a silicone baking mat so the cookies never touch the pan.

Can you think of any other way to use those old cookie sheets hanging around in your cupboards? Share them in the comments section below!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons YoAmes