20 Ways to Reuse Beer Bottles After Summer Parties

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As people drink more beer in the summer consider these 20 ways to reuse the beer bottles rather than leaving them around the house or yard.

Summer is here and it's time for beer. From barbecues to family gatherings, everyone seems to have a cold beer in hand. That means a lot of empty beer bottles for the host or hostess to deal with. Consider these 20 ways to reuse beer bottles for useful purposes around the house.

Creative Ways to Reuse Beer Bottles

According to My San Antonio, beer sales are hot in the summer. People like to cool down with a frosty beer and barbecued meal. From June through August, beer sales soar to nearly 20 million cases. That adds up to a lot of empty beer bottles! Consider a few creative ways to reuse beer bottles as part of your home décor.

1. Use beer bottles to hold your taper candles. Who says you can't have a romantic evening at home? Pick up a taper candle and tuck it into a beer bottle filled with some sand. Nothing says love quite like a cold beer and a lit candle in a beer bottle. It is the ultimate dorm romance tactic.

2. Make an artistic rock tumbler. Collect some rocks at the beach or in your garden. Put them into a beer bottle to display them in an artistic way. It's a cheap way to add to your home décor and show off your love of beer.

3. Create a makeshift vase. If you like to pick flowers from the garden to impress that special someone, take your efforts up a notch. Put some water in a beer bottle and transform it into a vase to put in the center of your dining room table or coffee table.

4. Use a beer bottles to hold your pencils and pens. Are you always looking for something to write with but can never find a pen or pencil? End that problem now by transforming a dry, empty beer bottle into a pencil holder. If it's a tall bottle, put some sand in the bottle and display the writing implements with the tips up or cap them off so they don't dry up.

5. Are you trying to grow herbs or a tomato plant on your windowsill? Keep a clean, empty beer bottle next to your mini indoor garden to use for watering your plants. It might not be as aesthetically pleasing as a watering can, but it serves the purpose and sure beats looking at dead plants.

6. With plants in mind, use a beer bottle as an impromptu flower pot. Put some dirt and seeds in the beer bottle, place it in the sun and keep it hydrated. You might even discover you have a green thumb.

7. Display your beer bottles proudly. Create your own wall dedicated to drinking beer. Put up a couple of shelves and display various empty beer bottles. If you like to sample different beers, this is a great way to show off your enthusiasm for the beverage. This type of wall is especially inviting in a home bar, basement or den.

8. If you dream about beer, make a headboard out of your old empties. All it takes is some glass glue from Home Depot and a bit of creativity. The bottles are glued together in opposite directions to create a wall to use as a headboard. Who says you won't have sweet dreams tonight?

9. Turn your empty beer bottle into a lamp. It involves some work, so make sure you are sober when you tackle this project. All it takes is a lamp making kit, some tools and a lampshade. Your favorite beer can now be a permanent part of your living room or bedroom. The lamp would match your new headboard perfectly.

10. Create your own sparkling mosaic tile. Do your friends insist on throwing beer bottles until they shatter? Use the shards to make something pretty. All it takes is a ceramic tile, glass glue and some imagination. Glue the broken beer bottle pieces to the tile to make your own unique mosaic.

11. Make a sculpture from beer bottles. Glue you beer bottles together in an unsual way to create your own sculpture. People are sure to think you have too much time on your hands.

12. Celebrate Christmas with green beer bottles. Stack your green empties in the shape of a Christmas tree and tell all your friends you expect gifts to be placed at the bottom.

13. Make music with a beer bottle. You can blow over the mouth of a beer bottle to make it sound like a throaty flute. Some people find a beer bottle makes a great glass slide to bring out warm tones on a guitar. You can start your own beer bottle band.

14. Send a message in a bottle and see what happens. Did you ever find a message in a bottle on the beach? Amuse a stranger across the sea by putting a joke in a beer bottle and send it out to do its work. This idea might not work for people who are against any type of polluting.

15. Did you ever think of creating your own home brew? Reuse your old beer bottles to store what you attempt to make.

Practical Purposes for Empty Beer Bottles

While all of the uses for beer bottles seem to be fun, you can also find a few practical ways to reuse beer bottles around the house. Who knew those old beer bottles could be so useful?

16. Use an empty beer bottle as a rolling pin. It might not look much like grandma's wooden rolling pin, but it gets the job done in a pinch.

17. Go bowling at home. Set up a few empty beer bottles and have everyone toss a tennis ball at them. It sure beats driving to the bowling alley after you've already had a few beers.

18. Use beer bottles for target practice. Empty beer bottles have been used for generations for target practice. Why mess with what works? Just don't set up the scenario near your neighbors.

19. Edge your garden with flat-bottomed beer bottles. It is a creative way to create edging for your garden and reuse the many beer bottles that are stacked in your closet.

20. Get fast cash by recycling your beer bottles. Are you out of beer money and longing for a cold one? Turn in all your old bottles for cash then buy some more beer.

If you have guests that prefer wine, check out these 20 ways to use wine corks for all types of household purposes. Check out the cool video below to see how to make a glass from an empty bottle. Can you think if any good uses for empty beer bottles? Share them with us in the comments section below!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons