3 Big Dip Tips and and A Major Trip on The Chew

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Today on ABC's The Chew it is all about big dippers including dips and foods to dip then Mario Batali talks about his big trip with a former President.

ABC's “The Chew” is giving fans great ideas for dips and dippable foods to serve with minimal plates and utensils. From appetizers to desserts, there are all kinds of dip recipes being shared with fans today. Mario Batali will also discuss his trip with a former President.

The Big Dipper on ABC's “The Chew”

When people go to a party, they always head for the chips and dip. There are many other kinds of dip and dippable foods. Ranch dressing with raw vegetables is a dietary delight. Some people make fondue with melted cheese or chocolate served with chunky apples or bread slices. Dips and dippable foods are convenient and require little effort to serve and eat. Today on ABC's “The Chew” the crew is sharing their ideas for delightful dips. Clinton AKA Judge Foodie will also be on the scene to discuss crimes such as double dipping. He is also talking about genetically modified foods and mandatory labeling to give consumers important information about what they eat.

Carla Hall is sharing her sensational recipe for peach preserves. With spring around the corner, nothing sounds better than a peachy treat. Peach preserves even taste great on a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We all know Michael loves pork and he proves it again on today's show. He is making a roast pork sandwich and a spiced pork dip called Michael Symon's Cleveland Dip. To top it all off, Carla is make pie dippers that look absolutely decadent and delectable. Who knew you could make dips for everything from appetizers to meals to dessert?

When it comes to dip, consistency is key according to Carla. She offers some great tips about making a great dip. She advices people not to run out of dippers. It is wise to stay away from flavored chips so the dip is the star other than salt and vinegar chips with an onion dip. “The Chew” crew loves that one!

Mario Batali Talks About His Trip With A Former President

Everyone know Mario Batali always has something interesting to say. Today Mario is talking about his trip to Haiti with former President Bill Clinton. He is sure to have plenty to say about the experience. “The Chew” posted a photo of Mario and Bill Clinton on a plane. Fans seemed to have something to say about Mario's fashion sense in the pic. One fan commented on how colorful Mario is. Another said, “Hope Clinton can convince Mario to get rid of his tacky shorts and crocs, enough already.”

St. Patrick's Day Corned Beef Hash from Michael Symon

Tomorrow on ABC's “The Chew” the crew will be preparing some St. Patrick's day favorites with guest Jenny McCarthy. On their Facebook page, “The Chew” has a video featuring Michael Symon making corned beef hash for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One fan commented, “I was raised by my father and stepmother (my mother died when I was five...she was from Dublin, not a farmer's daughter). Both of them who raised me were born and raised on a farm in Ireland. Never, never did I ever taste Corned Beef at home growing up. Not at my father's sisters' homes nor my stepmother's brother's house, either. It's an American thing.” Corned beef is a St. Patrick's Day tradition in America but it certainly is tasty. HULIQ will return with more.

ABC's “The Chew” airs on weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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