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4 Wonderful Surprises about HGTV Property Brothers

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HGTV Property Brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott offer even more than the stellar home selling and renovation skills fans have come to love.

Drew and Jonathan Silver Scott have become a household name since the airing of HGTV “Property Brothers” and their latest series, “Buying and Selling.” This attractive duo does more than renovate and sell houses. Fans have four more incredible reasons to love these twin brothers even more.

Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott Are Both Actors

When fans watch shows such as HGTV “Property Brothers” and “Buying and Selling,” it is impossible to ignore the brothers' charisma in front of the camera. They seem completely comfortable on television for a very good reason. Both Drew and Jonathan were actors before they embarked on their careers in housing. Their handsome countenances and easy-going attitude landed them several roles before they become the beloved twin brothers on HGTV.

From the time he was young, Drew acted in sketch comedy, theater and improv. His appearances on television include “Madison” in 1993, “Breaker High” in 1997 and “Smallville” in 1997. Jonathan acted on both stage and screen. He also appeared in the “X-Files” and worked as a model for several years. Soon the brothers embarked on a venture in directing and producing. In 2004, the Scott brothers incorporated the Dividian Production Group. During the same year, they started Scott Real Estate, Inc. In fact, these popular twins do many things together.

The HGTV Property Brothers are Best Friends

Besides working well together, these two brothers are best friends. Since childhood, they were close and enjoyed many of the same hobbies. While they were in college, they started investing in real estate. They covered the costs of adulthood and starting a production company by flipping houses. Home renovating and selling were added to their long list of talents. The time they spend together explains their excellent rapport on HGTC “Property Brothers” and “Buying and Selling.”

The brothers also travel together to exotic places and volunteer as a team. Drew and Jonathan have volunteered in the Oncology ward at the Children's Hospital in Calgary. Drew commented about his family, “We are very close. And very supportive of each other. This industry can be very trying on relationships, friends and family. Choosing this career and traveling this path would have been a lot harder if I didn't have such great support from them.”

The Twins Started Their First Business Together at Age Seven

Drew and Jonathan play hard and work hard together. They had this formula for success since they were just seven years old. Their entrepreneurial spirit started at this young age when they started their first business. It is amazing to see this motivation lead them to owning their own production company and being the hottest duo on HGTV.

Their initial business foreshadowed their future in home sales, renovation and décor. The two young men made decorative hangers then sold them to area businesses. The hangers became popular enough for a company out of Japan to purchase them to sell at shops in America. Their ability to put their heads together and make it happen has borne the fruit of success no matter what they decide to do.

The HGTV Property Brothers Are Both Single

Many women swoon over the HGTV “Property Brothers” because of their wholesome good looks. Their handsome faces and contagious smiles are part of their appeal. Both Drew and Jonathan are still single. Though it seems impossible, these brothers are not yet married. With their strong family values, plenty of women are sure to be interesting in becoming their wives in the future.

Born in 1978, the brothers are still young and pursuing their careers. Perhaps they will make more time for romance in the future. Despite all the attention they get from female fans, Drew and Jonathan never act conceited. The twins also landed on the list of Entertainment Tonight's 2011 Hottest Canadian TV Bachelors. Fans who want to show the love can like Drew and Jonathan on their Facebook pages, especially since Drew is trying to get over 50,000 Facebook likes by Monday. Could there be a bit of healthy rivalry between the brothers since Jonathan has over 50,000 likes? Whatever it is, it certainly works for them!


The HGTV “Property Brothers” offers fans more than excellent suggestions for selling and renovating homes. These family-oriented brothers are proof that is makes a difference to work together and enjoy the company of our loved ones. Their family values and dedication to hard work have brought them much success. Their futures are bright because they know how to work well together and offer viewers something of value each time their shows are aired on HGTV.

HGTV “Property Brothers” airs on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET

HGTV "Buying and Selling" airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET

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