5 Ways to Have a Fabulous Fiesta on The Chew

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Today on ABC's The Chew the crew is celebrating a magnificent Mexican fiesta with a celebrity chef and a visit to a famous NYC venue.

Fans are having a fiesta today with their favorite daytime television show, ABC's “The Chew.” The crew is celebrating Mexican cuisine with a renowned chef who knows her way around the kitchen. Evette Rios will also be heading to a tasty Mexican restaurant in New York.

A Fantastic Fiesta on ABC's “The Chew” with Chef Pati Jinich

The first way to have a fabulous fiesta is to invite chef Pati Jinich into the kitchen. Born and raised in Mexico, Pati is intimately familiar with this spicy cuisine. She comes from a family of accomplished cooks and food enthusiasts. After Pati got married and moved to Texas, she started teaching friends and neighbors how to cook Mexican cuisine. Ultimately her passion led to the launch of a culinary program called Mexican Table in 2007. The Pati's Mexican Table television show is distributed to public broadcasting stations nationwide. She also maintains a blog and wrote a cookbook. Reading her book, watching her show or visiting her blog is a sure way to get great ideas for a Mexican fiesta. Fans can also watch her today on ABC's “The Chew”

Visit An Irresistible Mexican Restaurant

A second way to have a memorable fiesta is to visit a mouthwatering Mexican restaurant. Today Evette Rios will take “The Chew” viewers to Tortilleria Nixtamal in Queens, New York. Their menu includes yummy options such as tacos, tamales, soups, salads, tortas and more. They also have delicious Mexican vegetarian options. All of their dishes use the freshest and most natural ingredients in true Mexican style. Nixtamal is an Aztec word. It describes partially cooked corn that has been soaked and cooked with calcium hydroxide, commonly called cal or lime. The Aztecs discovered using this natural element with corn by grinding it against limestone found in riverbeds.

Make Some Salsa with “The Chew”

No Mexican meal is complete without salsa. It's like having a hamburger without the ketchup. Today “The Chew” is serving up some sensational salsa. Some people like it mild while others like it hot. Clinton and Carla are sure to get spicy in the kitchen as they plan a delightful Mexican fiesta. A Facebook fan said, “I so love all of you in this show. You are funny and you all make cooking fun. Tried lots of your recipes and loved every one of them.”

Dance and Have Fun

While the food served at a fiesta makes it a party, it's not all you need. ABC's “The Chew” specializes in food, fun and family. Today fans will appreciate C&C salsa factory as Clinton and Carla do their signature dance. Dancing and being together is part of any successful fiesta. Besides cooking great food, it's all about having a good time. One Facebook fan commented it was about time we all saw C&C dancing again.

Wear a Big Hat

Also referred to as a sombrero, get into the spirit of a fiesta by donning a large hat. It blocks the sun and makes you feel like you are ready for a party in true Mexican style. Daphne will be wearing a large hat today and it would be fun to join her. HULIQ will be back with more about cooking and planning for a Mexican fiesta.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p. m. ET

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