666 Park Avenue Makes it Beyond Halloween

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More episodes of ABC's 666 Park Avenue were ordered as this thrilling drama makes it past Halloween with a sneak peek at tonight.

ABC's “666 Park Avenue” focuses on the Drake in New York City. Much like NYC itself, the people at the Drake are driven by the idea of power and success. An ominous proprietor, strange voices and other odd occurrences put a unique twist on the usual story of climbing the corporate ladder. Fans seem to be enjoying it as more episodes were ordered, proving this shocking show is destined to last beyond Halloween.

The Drama at the Drake

It seems weirdness lurks around every corner at the Drake. Viewers have seen bats come out of the wall and murder at the oddest times. The lure of temptation pops up unexpectedly. Gavin, the owner of the Drake, seems to be at the core of it all. Everyone is hoping Jane and Henry remain unaffected. After all, they just wanted a nice place in NYC. With the high rents, it seemed almost impossible until they stumbled upon the job at the Drake. In their capacity as caretakers, they have discovered some strange things going on.

Jane was stuck in the secret basement room last week and something seemed to grab her ankle. Surrounded by old dolls and voices, we really hoped she would get out of that creepy place. Thankfully, Henry discovers her. He doesn't hear the same voices and attributes the sounds to old vents in the rooms. Determined to preserve the historical integrity of the Drake, Jane asks Gavin for blueprints of the place. She then discovers it was the day Gavin and Olivia lost their only child. Gavin said he would try to get his hands on the blueprints and asks Jane for a favor. He wants her to take Olivia out to lunch.. It seems the anniversary of their daughter's death makes Olivia feel destructive. Jane finds out Sasha killed herself and Olivia hid the suicide note from Gavin. Later we see the note included the words “evil man” as Olivia destroys it. Could that bad guy be Gavin?

Political Dreams for Henry

Gavin is clearly the master manipulater of all happenings at the Drake. He invites Henry to lunch and asks about his goals. Henry wants to land a job as chief of staff for a city councilman and has an interview in a few weeks. Gavin persists he can't wait that long or the job will be taken. Gavin takes Henry to his exclusive club and asks if he only wants to go there by pity invitation or be a member someday. By chance, the councilman turns up at lunch. Henry is surprised and says he can't interrupt the councilman as Gavin persists he talk to him. Then Gavin tells Henry not to return until he lands the job. At first the councilman advises Henry to wait for the interview, then Henry tells him why he will lose the upcoming election. Suddenly the councilman decides to talk to Henry and he gets the job.

Later we see the councilman privately visits Gavin for a drink at the Drake. Gavin wants help getting a property but the councilman won't do it. It is also obvious he helped Gavin out by hiring Henry. Gavin gets angry somebody else is going for the property and shoves the councilman down the elevator shaft. Gavin is definitely not a guy you want to hang out with. He meets Henry and encourages him to go for a political position, rather than just work for a politician. At this point, Henry has no idea his future boss is dead.

Obituaries are Scary

We see how Gavin plays with a person's life when he encourages a journalist named Annie to write creative obituaries. She winds up turning a man into a hero with her embellishments. Then she pumps up the life of her mother, who recently died. As a result, Annie and the photo of her mom become more beautiful. Trouble awaits Annie because she winds up getting pursued by the rogue adversary of the original obituary she made up. It looks like things are not looking up for Annie as a result of taking Gavin's advice. We hope Henry doesn't get caught up in this kind of scheme.

Sort of Celebrating Henry's New Job

Henry gets approached by Brian to review his lease. Louise and Brian want to see if they can get out of the lease. While at the apartment, Henry sees Brians' view of Alexis getting undressed. Brian notices and distracts Henry by inviting him to go out and celebrate his new job. Alexis winds up at the club and starts dirty dancing with Louise. It gets too strange for Jane, who asks Henry to go home. Viewers are hopeful that Jane and Henry won't get caught up in the life of sin at the Drake.

Stay Out of the Basement

Jane just can't stay out of that darn basement. Viewers would never go back and yet she does. Jane feel compelled to keep checking that secret room. She sees a little girl who tells her something bad is in the room. You think that would stop her but it is actually Gavin who brings Jane to a halt. He turns up in the basement with the blueprints she asked for. Jane suddenly feels anxious and goes back upstairs with Gavin. But Jane still can't leave that room alone. She goes back and finds a locked suitcase she can't open. The little girl advises her not to let him out. Jane can't open the suitcase and brings it back to her apartment. We see something moving around in there and we just want Jane to get rid of the thing. Tonight viewers are likely to discover what it is.

More “666 Park Avenue”

It seems the new ABC drama “666 Park Avenue” is going to make it past Halloween. More scripts of the show were ordered so it is moving forward. This must be music to the ears of stars Vanessa Williams, Terry O'Quinn, David Annable and Rachael Taylor. Fans remember David Annable in “Brothers and Sisters” which used to be in the same Sunday time slot following “Desperate Housewives.” Now Sunday night on ABC features “Revenge” followed by “666 Park Avenue.” The drama continues and tonight should be even more exciting.

In fact, tonight fans can take to Twitter to ask Henry a question. Tonight during "666 Park Avenue" viewers can tweet live with Dave Annable. Follow Dave and join the conversation later at http://www.twitter.com/DaveAnnable10. According to ABC, tonight Henry is confronted with a choice between friendship and his work when he discovers Gavin is under investigation. Nona has disturbing visions of Henry's future. Viewers still want Jane and Henry to make it out of the Drake, but is it really possible?

Take Home Message

Temptation is all around us. Annie was tempted to embellish on her mother's life and the lives of others in her obituaries to make herself and others seem more important. Each life is relevant no matter how simple and this tactic came back to hurt Annie. The wrong type of power can be a big temptation. Henry resisted temptation but evil can be manipulative, as we saw with the contrived story Gavin had Annie write. It is important to look for temptations under the surface and seek the truth. We also get the feeling the temptation Jane feels about going into the basement and probing around cannot end well. She clearly feels unsettled and should leave such negativity behind.

ABC's “666 Park Avenue” airs on Sundays at 10:00 p.m. ET

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Submitted by Jeremy (not verified) on
I’m really excited to hear they’re ordering new episodes of 666 Park Avenue. My coworker at DISH and I were really concerned that the show would be cancelled due to its lower ratings. My Hopper has been recording 666 Park Avenue for me automatically thanks to PrimeTime Anytime. It automatically records all the shows in prime time from the four major networks without me having to set up individual show timers. I love the casting of Terry O’Quinn as the bad guy he is.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This is a great show!!! I like it way more than Lost!!!! 666 Park Ave is my new favorite show.

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