8 Easy Ways to Add Bold Flavor to a Regular Cup of Coffee

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There are simple ways to add amazing flavor to any regular cup of coffee without going to a local coffee shop or spending a lot of money.

Are you getting bored with your average cup of Joe every morning? There are easy ways to jazz up your regular cup of coffee. You don't have to rush to the local coffee shop or spend big bucks to get a unique cup of coffee. All it takes is a bit of creativity and a few items that are likely to be lurking in your pantry.

1. Sinfully Tasty Cinnamon Coffee

Add a cinnamon stick to your cup of coffee after you pour it into the cup and put in your desired amount of sugar and milk. You can also sprinkle cinnamon spice into the prepared cup of coffee and stir it in. Another way to do this is add a dash of cinnamon on top of the coffee grounds in your automatic drip coffee maker (if you still use one of these). Brew the coffee and it will taste and smell like cinnamon.

2. Captivating Caramel Coffee

Do you keep liquid caramel around to top off your ice cream? Stir a bit of it into your cup of coffee for a captivating caramel flavor. Another option is to use chocolate syrup. It add a chocolate taste to your java. You might want to use little or no sugar as these syrups can be really sweet.

3. Rich Hot Cocoa Coffee

Are you addicted to chocolate but don't have any chocolate syrup in the house? You can still get your chocolate fix if you have a package of hot chocolate. Add a packet of hot chocolate to your hot cup of coffee and stir it well. You might not even need milk or sugar. It instantly transforms a boring cup of Joe into a tantalizing treat.

4. Sip International Coffee

Adding flavor to your coffee can be as simple as buying flavored cream. International Delight cream comes in an array of irresistible flavors. Consider mouthwatering flavors such as hazelnut, white chocolate mocha and French vanilla. There are also seasonal flavors such as pumpkin pie, which is perfect for the upcoming fall season. Grab a cool coupon for 55 cents off your next purchase at the International Delight website. All you have to do is become a member so you can keep finding out more about the latest flavors from International Delight.

5. Celebrate the Moments of Your Life

You don't need a $200 coffee maker or a fancy setup to celebrate the moments of your life with a great cup of coffee. Many of us seasoned coffee drinkers remember that catchy slogan for General Foods International Coffees When this instant coffee was introduced in the 1970s, few people could resist a decadent cup of Suisse Mocha. The coffee is still going strong and now has a tagline about being from the makers of Maxwell House, one of the most classic and affordable coffees you can get.

6. Sweetened Condensed Milk in Your Average Joe

Your average cup of Joe can become uniquely flavorful by simply adding a dash of sweetened condensed milk. You probably have a can in the back of your pantry right now. Often the coffee does not even need sugar. Just add this and sigh with pleasure.

7. Gourmet Instant Coffee

Going to Starbucks can cost you $3 or more for a cup of their signature coffee. Buying a specialty coffee maker can cost more than $200. You can still get the rich taste of Starbucks without breaking the bank. Starbuck VIA instant coffees give you the rich flavor at a fraction of the price. My personal favorite is the Veranda Blend Blonde Roast. For about $10, you get 12 packets of instant coffee. What a savings for this type of robust flavor!

8. Fast Irish Coffee with Baileys

If you like a cup of coffee in the evening, get adventurous and make it an Irish coffee. All you need to do is pour a generous helping of Baileys Irish Cream into your steaming cup of coffee. Stir it and add a dollop of whipped cream to make it even more special.

There are many ways to turn your average cup of Joe into a seductive cup of gourmet coffee. Do you have any other suggestions? Share them with us in the comments section below!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons