Add Storage Space for Your Kids Rooms with HGTV Tips to Guide You

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HGTV realizes whether you have little ones or older kids going back to school, there never seems to be enough room for their stuff. Discover some fantastic storage ideas to give your kids the space they need.

As kids head back to school, more stuff starts to come into the house and parents wonder where to put it. HGTV is offering some great ways to create storage space in your kids' rooms. Instead of searching for the right book to do homework, everything will be well-organized for a successful school year. Even little ones can learn about organization when you create storage areas for books, toys and art supplies.

Install Wire Racks

An affordable way to add more storage space to your closets is adding wire racks. Some of them can even be extended to fit various areas of your child's closet. It creates a quick place to store shoes, clothes, toys and more without increasing the actual size of the closet. You can also add wire or coated wood shelving, which is especially attractive in a girl's closet. If you want to spend more for a sleek look, consider laminate shelving for a touch of elegance.

Make the Most of What You Have

Adding two tiers is a great way to make the most of the closet space your child has. Create two levels where clothing can be hung along with shelves for shoes and accessories. You can expand on this concept by investing in a complete organizer system to put in your kids' closets. Include areas for school supplies and more.

Get Colorful

If you're tired of the same old clear storage bins, mix it up a little with a splash of color. Use canvas containers in complementary colors to your child's room decor for storing toys, shoes, books and more. Consider a simple solution used for generations - put up some decorative hooks for kids to hang hats and jackets in the closet so they know where to find them in a rush.

To discover more wonderful ways to add a bit of extra storage space to your kids' room, visit the HGTV website. After all, kids need all the help they can get to stay organized - much like the rest of us.

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