Amazing Bedroom Updates from HGTV for Under $200

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HGTV fans realize their bedrooms are an oasis away from the din of daily life. Revamping this space can give you greater pleasure and peace of mind. HGTV is offering fabulous ways to update your bedroom for under $200.

If you still have the same comforter from a few years ago, it could be more worn than comfortable. While you might want to give your bedroom a whole new look, it might not be within your budget to change everything. Fortunately, HGTV is offering some sensational ways to improve these essential space for under $200.

Add Interest to Your Walls

One way to make the room look different is to add wallpaper. Search online for older wallpapers designs on clearance. You can even wallpaper a single wall to create an accent wall. For a small price, you can make a big change in your bedroom. The wallpaper can be patterned or a bold hue for a bright splash of color in your personal space. A large piece of artwork strategically placed behind your headboard is another way to make your bedroom more eye-catching.

Make Your Bed a Comfort Zone

Investing in new sheets, pillows and a comforter is a budget-conscious way to make your boudoir more cozy. Consider basic white sheets in the highest thread count possible for softness. Choose a unique comforter with matching throw pillows for a dash of color and personality. You'll surely want to put your feet up in this bed after a long day at work or school.

Consider Your Reflection

Make your bedroom look bigger by adding mirrors. Choose a full-length mirror to see yourself from head to toe before you leave for work or a night on the town. Include a mirror where you can see your face while you comb your hair or put on makeup. Mirrors are decorative and you can often find more than one for under $200.

These are just a few easy ways to update your bedroom on a dime. Check out the suggestions at the HGTV website to discover more ways to revamp your boudoir for just a couple of hundred bucks.

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