Ashley Olsen Done With Justin Bartha After Mary Kate's Breakup

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Ashley Olsen recently broke up with her long term beau Justin Bartha right after twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen split with longtime boyfriend Nate Lowman.

Actress, author and fashion mogul Ashley Olsen just broke up with her boyfriend Justin Bartha. Recently her twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen ended a relationship with her beau Nate Lowman. Now the two famous sisters are single and possibly ready to mingle.

Apparently Ashley Olsen was looking for more than a fling thing from Justin Bartha. A friend of Ashley's told Star, “She was tired of waiting for him to settle down.”

It seems the breakup was further fueled by rumors of Justin Bartha partying on the set of “The Hangover 2.” According to her friend, “She wasn't surprised that he's cut loose a bit after hitting it big. But she didn't expect him to start acting like a jerk toward her.”

People confirmed Ashley Olsen, 24, and Justin Bartha, 32, have parted. The private couple dated for over two years. Reps for both stars had no comment about the breakup.

When the attractive couple started dating in 2008, there were immediate rumors about an engagement and wedding. Tabloids indicated the couple was planning $1 million nuptials in France.

Nicole Caruso had told People, “Contrary to several tabloid reports, Ashley Olsen is not engaged to be married. Ashley is dating Justin Bartha and they are very happy.”

It seems the rumors were definitely wrong about a wedding in the future and the duo wound up less than happy with each other. Now Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are two single women who are sure to have plenty of potential suitors. Will there someday be a double wedding?

The twin sisters started their acting careers together at just nine months old. The duo got around child labor laws by sharing the role of Michelle Tanner on “Full House.” Reruns of the television series are still popular today.

Ashley Olsen spends little time on the big or small screen today. She is now the CEO of two fashion lines. Mary-Kate helps her run the fashion industry lines and is still involved in acting. The duo are credited with being moguls running very lucrative industries. Despite unsubstantiated rumors of drug use over the years, Ashley remains a successful businesswoman and a leader in the fashion industry.

Will the world's prettiest and wealthiest twins start partying or stay serious about business after these breakups? Everyone is sure to be watching for the answer.

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