Baltimore Row House Versus Suburbia on HGTV House Hunters

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Last night HGTV House Hunters headed to Baltimore to help a young couple decide between city living in a row house and a suburban lifestyle in a cottage.

On HGTV “House Hunters” last night, Rich and Erin had a difference of opinion. Rich preferred the nightlife and excitement of living in a city row house with exposed brick. Erin wanted to more into a surburban home with a backyard. Could this young couple come up with a compromise?

Rich and Erin on HGTV “House Hunters”

Last night HGTV “House Hunters” went to Baltimore, Maryland to help a young couple find their first home. Rich and Erin are high school sweethearts who want to stop paying rent and put their money into their own residence. Rich is an engineer and Erin works as a fourth grade teacher. This nice-looking young couple does have a major difference of opinion despite their compatibility.

Rich is looking for a row house in the city with features such as exposed brick. He is against the boring picket fence lifestyle of the suburbs and thinks they should enjoy being young in the city. Rich wants a place with a parking pad, outdoor deck and a basement to be his man cave. Erin prefers a house in the suburbs with trees, grass and a yard. They couple is approved for a $350,000 mortgage but would prefer to spend $300,000.

Three Different Homes on HGTV “House Hunters”

Realtor Darren McShane sets out to help this couple compromise and find their ideal starter home. The first house in Locust Point is listed at $339,000 with a tree in the front. There are vents on the floor, which Rich would prefer not to have. The house does have exposed brick with a combination of contemporary updates and rustic charm. The entrance to the basement is tight and Erin feels the area resembles an actual cave. Also, the house has no rooftop deck and the master bedroom is a loft with no door. The home does have the parking pad Rich wants.

The second home in Federal Hill is listed at $330,000, which is still over budget. The home has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. Features such as the exposed brick, decorative ceilings and vents on the walls make the house more appealing. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances and granite counters but they would need more counter space to make it work. Rich likes the two-tiered deck and parking pad. There is also a basement but the rooms are rather tight.

Finally the couple heads to Mount Washington to see a suburban home listed at just $299,000. The house is just 10 minutes from the eclectic downtown area. There is a lawn with trees and Rich says he is too lazy to maintain it. Erin offers to mow the lawn as they go through the enclosed patio with a swing and chair. Rich notices a missing square inlay on the floor as they enter as well as wall vents and the lack of exposed brick. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances with a rather bizarre layout encompassing two spaces. Erin like the nice neighborhood and the yard where their dog Romeo can romp.

Making a Final Choice on HGTV “House Hunters”

The moment of reckoning arrives when Rich and Erin have to make a final decision. They rule out the first home because it does not have everything either of them want. They banter about the rooftop deck home in the city and the charming cottage in the suburbs. Ultimately they choose the second home in the city with a rooftop deck so they can experience city life while they are young. They manage to negotiate the price down to $325,000 and Rich carries Erin over the threshold. He is pleased there is no yard work and large deck for parties. She likes going just two blocks away to Federal Hill park to play with Romeo. The couple has already found local places to eat and relax. The parking situation is good and she plans to add an island to the kitchen to make it more functional. The basement is already a game room for Rich and Erin dreams of building a bench around the tree in front for a peaceful place to soak up the city vibe.

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