Brighten Up the Basement the HGTV Way

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HGTV recognizes basements are often transformed to use as additional living space. Discover ways to brighten up your basement so you don't feel like you're entering a cavern.

If your basement is more like a cave then a recreation room, it's time to add some light and life to the space. HGTV is offering great ways to brighten up your basement and make it more appealing.

Add Glass

When you renovate your basement, try to add windows as well as glass interior and exterior doors. Even a couple of small windows can help let light into an otherwise dark area. Include reflective surfaces to make the most of the light that does come into the area.

Take it to the Top

Often the ceiling feel low in a basement. One way to open up the room is to create whimsical designs or patterns on the ceiling. Use paint or colorful painter's tape to make your basement ceilings fun and interesting. Bring a rainbow of colors to your walls with bold graphic art prints in frames.

Light it Up

Because basements often have limited space, overhead lighting is an excellent solution. Recessed can lights are attractive and illuminate the room. Bringing light into the basement makes it possible to use the room throughout the day and evening. Sconce lighting on the walls brightens up the room and brings a touch of dramatic ambiance to your basement.

For additional ways to lighten up your basement, go to the HGTV website. If your basement is simply for storage, consider transforming part of the space into an office or additional living area.

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