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Building a Christian Business Through Knowledge and Understanding

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Establishing a Christian business means having understanding for your customers and employees. Proper training and clear communication show your dedication to offering the highest level of service.

As Christians, we are called upon to love and serve each other. We also need to take responsibility for our food, clothing and shelter as well as the payment of our debts. A Christian business is honest, helpful and provides the information everyone needs to succeed. Consider the importance of education and training in a Christian enterprise.

Become a Valued Resource

We are called upon to forgive, show compassion and help each other. A Christian business keeps these tenets in mind. Become a valuable resource for your customers. Deliver the highest level of customer service and work hard to answer any question you are asked. Provide the latest information, products and services. Prove you are dedicated to helping your customers and building a solid business based on good Christian values. Besides doing the right thing for your customers, this is an excellent way to brand your business and make people remember it. When you serve others with care and consideration, it also benefits your business. As your business gets more profitable, become even more valuable by donating money and time to local charities.

Real-Life Christian Business Owners

The Michigan Chronicle recently posted about two friend who are now Christian business owners and an integral part of revitalization efforts in a city they love. Robert J. Lindsey and Harold Crittenden believe in family love, Christian values and doing business with integrity. With their expertise in mobile phones and accessories, this year they opened Wired for Less Boost Mobile Store in Pontiac. According to Robert, "The city of Pontiac and its people have really embraced us. So we definitely want to invest back in the city. As Christians and successful business owners, we want to give back to the community to help empower it and its people."

Train Your Employees

Employees are ambassadors for your business, just as Christians are ambassadors for Jesus. The proper training opportunities can be established to accommodate almost any schedule. Online educational programs keep employees on top of their game. With ongoing training, employees feel more confident to help customers and play a more important role in your enterprise. This benefits everyone from the employee to the customer to the owner of the business. When you invest in human resources, you are sure to yield plenty of rewards in return.

How much better to get wisdom than gold! To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver. Proverbs 16:16

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