Burger King and Wendys Fast Food Summer Ice Cream Wars Begin

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Memorial Day marked the first unofficial weekend of summer and the fast food ice cream wars began with competing cones from Burger King and Wendy's with McDonald's still in the mix.

Summer is almost here and the living is easy unless you run a fast food restaurant. Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer complete with barbecues and ice cream cones. Burger King and Wendy's are both offering their own cones and McDonald's is still offering some familiar favorites as the summer ice cream wars begin.

Burger King Has a 50 Cent Cream Cone

Today there are few bubblegum machines that offer anything for 50 cents. In a dollar or more world, Burger King is offering a tempting cone for just 50 cents. Their vanilla ice cream cone is sure to attract people who want more for less. There are few places you can get anything for this price. The 50 cent ice cream cone at Burger King is being offered from May 28 through August 5. For people on a budget, this is a way to get an ice cream treat without breaking the bank. It's even less expensive than visiting the ice cream truck, which seems to get more costly every year. According to SparkPeople, the Burger King vanilla ice cream cone has 180 calories and 4g protein. Burger King is sure to corner its own share of the fast food ice cream market. Take note this sweet deal is available at participating locations and is priced higher in AK and HI.

Wendy's Frosty Waffle Cone

Wendy's is known for offering old-fashioned favorites and they don't disappoint with the new Frosty waffle cone. The classic waffle cone has a new twist because it is filled with Frosty ice cream. At Burger King, the only choice is vanilla. At Wendy's, people can order a chocolate or vanilla Frosty waffle cone and get what they want. The price is about three times that of the Burger King cone. It is larger with an actual waffle cone and your choice of ice cream. This is sure to appeal to certain ice cream lovers, especially people who want a chocolate cone. The Frosty Vanilla Waffle Cone has 290 calories, 1g fiber and 7g protein. The Frosty Chocolate Waffle Cone has 300 calories, 2g fiber and 7g protein. Though it costs more than a Burger King cone, it offers the quality of an ice cream shop cone for a fraction of the price.

McDonald's Ice Cream Cones

For years, people have known McDonald's offers ice cream treats for less including a kids cone, regular cone and ice cream sundaes and more. With ice cream cones in mind, they also have just vanilla with no chocolate ice cream. The cost of the cone is between the price of Burger King and Wendy's. McDonald's is sure to get business based on the size options and familiarity. A McDonald's vanilla ice cream cone has 170 calories and 5g protein while a little kiddie cone has just 45 calories and 1g protein. They are sure to continue to be a contender in the fast food ice cream wars starting this summer. Now that the heat is one, where will you be getting your ice cream cones?

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