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Last night on TV Land's Hot in Cleveland Oscar is now a journalist who interviewed the ladies to find out how their lives changed since their move.

On TV Land's hit series “Hot in Cleveland” Victoria Chase has children named Tony, Emmy and Oscar. In the most recent episode, Oscar is a journalist who visits her mother to interview the roommates about how their lives changed after moving to Cleveland. The hilarious comments and actions were sure to give Oscar a great story.

Where are the Keys?

Joy is ready to get a manicure but can't find her keys. After a brief search, she realizes the dog ate them. The women bring the dog to the veterinarian but Victoria stays behind for the interview with her daughter Oscar. Her daughter questions whether her mother likes animals so Victoria decides to go to the vet after all. Elka and her friend played by Georgia Engel are waiting at the vet with Joy and Melanie. Joy is checking out the men in the waiting room and searching for good prospects. Elka tells her friend she should do the same now that her husband is deceased. Her friend feels a no-fuss haircut with no flirtation games won't get her very far.

Meanwhile, Joy discovers the man she flirted with was married. Elka's friend tries to talk to a man but fails miserably after noticing his rabbit has crusty eyes. Victoria attempts to monopolize the interview with Oscar, who lets her mother know she is there to talk to all the women. While everyone chats about their lives, a handsome fireman walks in and Joy asks him to marry her.

A Box Full of Pups

The fireman is holding a box full of puppies for adoption that he just saved from a disaster. He wants to make sure they are healthy so he brought them to the vet. The veterinarian's receptionist tries to shoo Joy away as she shuffles the fireman in to see the vet. Elka and her friend let the fireman know they will adopt out the puppies since they work for an animal rescue. Elka manages to get more than one hug of appreciation from the handsome fireman.

After the fireman sees the vet, Joy asks what he is doing on Saturday night. He says he is going to dinner with an attractive brunettes. At first Joy doesn't understand he means her. The fireman clarifies the date will be the two of them and Joy is overjoyed. Elka's friend discovers the veterinarian is a boy who had a crush on her in first grade and they wind up scheduling a date for Saturday night, too.

Learn to Face the Strange Changes

Oscar discovers after talking to Joy and Melanie they both went through some serious changes after moving to Cleveland. Melanie is hopeful about love after leaving a loveless life behind. She is also a writer who feels good about her life. Joy has evolved from a waxing technician to the stars and now sees life an a whole new adventure. But Oscar questions if her mother ever changed and whether she likes at all since she was never permitted to have a pet.

Victoria gets bitten by a snapper turtle when she tries to prove she likes animals. The vet look at it and Melanie talks to her friend while she gets bandaged. It seems Victoria was such a good actress her daughter never realized her mom had an unhappy personal life and failing career. Victoria confessed to Oscar she was finally happy in Cleveland, something she had not been before. Her career picked up with a role in a Woody Allen movie and Victoria enjoy spending time with her zany roommates. She shows her love for her daughter and animals by giving one of the puppies to Oscar.

TAKE HOME MOMENTS: Love and hope are all around us if we are willing to be open to the possibilities. Sometimes we put on a happy face when we are really feeling down. Family and friends are always there to understand and help us get past the rough spots.

TV Land's “Hot in Cleveland” airs at 10:00 p.m. ET on Wednesdays

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