The Cheap Coffee War Between Burger King and McDonald's

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Most people start their day with a cup of coffee and Burger King and McDonald's are competing to get this business by lowering their prices.

Let the coffee war begin. Now that many people are on a tight budget, they resist stopping at Starbucks for a pricey latte. With everyone looking for a good deal, Burger King and McDonald's are both offering cheap deals on this favorite beverage. Frugal shoppers can also make their own budget cup of coffee with Folger's Instant Coffee crystal packets.

McDonald's Coffee for Only One Dollar

Few people can buy anything they really want for a single dollar and McDonald's knows it. They also realize many coffee enthusiasts don't want to pay $5 or more for a cup of Joe. To grab this coffee business, McDonald's is offering any size cup of coffee for a buck. This offer is good all day long so coffee lovers can grab their favorite beverage in the morning on the way to work or on their way home. McDonald's Premium Roast coffee is made from 100 percent Arabic beans. Customers can have it served the way they like it. Whether they order inside the location or at the drive-through window, they can request the amount of cream, sugar and Splenda they prefer. The coffee is served ready to drink for people on-the-go.

The offer is available for a limited time with no finite date the deal will end. McDonald's coffee supplier is Gavina's Gourmet Coffee. They were asked to find the ideal Premium Roast coffee for McDonald's restaurants 25 years ago. Coffee from McDonald's became even more popular when they introduce the McCafe concept and starting serving specialty coffees. Many customers look forward to special coffees such as their Peppermint Mocha latte during the holiday season.

Burger King Offers Coffee for Just a Quarter

Consumers believed they would never be able to buy anything for a quarter again unless it came from a bubble gum ball machine. Even many of them charge 50 cents or more. Now Burger King is serving up a cup of coffee for just a quarter. Customers can score a small hot or iced coffee for this incredible price from February 18 through March 10. There are only a couple of weeks left to take advantage of this deal that definitely rivals McDonald's java for one dollar. The deal is good all day and evening for a great cup of coffee whenever the mood strikes.

Burger King is also getting into the coffee competition with their new Smooth Roast Coffee from Seattle's Best Coffee. It is a 100 percent Latin American Arabica blend. It has nutty, sweet and chocolaty notes with a mild flavor. Their coffee goes will with savory and sweet menu items. Seattle's Best Coffee has been a leader in the industry since 1970. For just 25 cents, it is certainly worth trying.

Making Cheap Coffee at Home

From brewing coffee to buying individualized K-cups, coffee can become expensive to make at home. Certain instant coffee just doesn't have a robust flavor. One exception is Folger's Instant Coffee crystals packets. They are flavorful and easy to make with boiled water is just a minute. If the office has a hot water cooler, it can take even less time to make a decent cup of Joe.

Folger's Instant Coffee crystals are available in regular and decaf. They also have a variety of appealing flavors to appeal to almost any preference. Folger's Instant Coffee crystals flavors include Fresh Breaks 100% Colombian, Fresh Breaks Black Silk and Fresh Breaks Breakfast Blend as well as decaf. They also have Classic Roast Instant packets. There are seven packets in a box for a good cup of coffee everyday of the week. The box typically costs under $2 and sometimes stores such as CVS have it on sale for just $1. It's the simplest way to get a fast cup of coffee without breaking the bank or worrying about when the deal ends.

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