Chef Marcus Samuelsson and Thanksgiving on The Chew

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Today on ABC's The Chew, Chef Samuelsson will be helping the crew prepare for Thanksgiving with some irresistible recipes.

With Thanksgiving about a week away, everyone who plans to cook is preparing ahead. Chef Samuelsson will join the crew on ABC's “The Chew” today to whip up some fantastic specialties for the upcoming occasion.

Lots of Thanksgiving on “The Chew”

For the past week and a half, “The Chew” has been dedicated to offering outstanding ideas for Thanksgiving. The holiday is about food, fun, family and giving thanks. These are all topics this crew knows well. People who plan to cook the holiday meal are turning to their favorite afternoon show to get some great ideas. Clinton showed some unusual items including a candle that smells like meat and potatoes. Mario is making a turkey tortellini pie that looks really terrific.

Carla prepared a sensational pumpkin souffle. Clinton presented some beautiful crafts with cranberries. Yesterday the crew showcased some down home specialties with Billy Ray Cyrus to add some southern charm to the holiday. Mama T, Daisy and Antoinette all returned to “The Chew” for another battle of the Iron Grandmas to determine the best stuffing recipe. Antoinette beat the stuffing out of the competition.

Now the heat is on in the kitchen. Thanksgiving is just a week away. Today the show will be offering some fool proof ideas for the big feast day. They are presenting easy recipes fans can whip up without fear. One Facebook fan wondered, “Love the show, can someone cook for me for the holidays from 'The Chew'?” That certainly sounds like a good option. In the absence of a chef from the show, fans can turn to these yummy recipes to impress their family and friends.

Chef Marcus Samuelsson on “The Chew”

Today “The Chew” is getting some assistance in the kitchen from famed chef Marcus Samuelsson. This renowned chef was raised in Sweden and now lives in Harlem. He owns Red Rooster in Harlem as well as three other restaurants. He is sure to bring some mouthwatering recipes to the table for Thanksgiving that have a tasteful international flair.

Marcus had a television show on the Discovery Home Channel, “Inner Chef,” as well as a show on BET J/Centric, “Urban Cuisine.” His unique cooking style combines international influences from Sweden to Africa to Japan. In 2009, Marcus was a guest chef for the first state dinner for President Barack Obama. The dinner was in India and served a largely vegetarian menu combining flavors of both America and India.

As a New York City resident, Marcus is also an adviser to The Institute of Culinary Education. He has been featured on television as a judge on “Chopped,” “Top Chef” and “Iron Chef America.” Marcus also appears often on “Today.” He competed on the Bravo “Top Chef Masters” Marcus won the competition and donated $115,000 for UNICEF's The Tap Project. He also won $50,000 for his charity Careers Through Culinary Arts Program by competing on “Chopped All Stars: Judges Remix.” Fans can't wait to see what he serves for Thanksgiving on “The Chew.” HULIQ will return with more later.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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