The Chew Celebrates Summer With Cedric The Entertainer

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Today on ABC's “The Chew,” the crew is cooking up summertime treats and Cedric the Entertainer joins Mario Batali in the kitchen.

The fun continues today on ABC's “The Chew” with another celebrity guest. Cedric the Entertainer will be cooking in the kitchen with Mario. The crew is also serving up some sensational summertime treats including decadent dessert ideas.

Celebrating Summer With “The Chew”

This summer has been even better for fans of ABC's “The Chew.” Everyday the crew serves up a fresh episode with good times, yummy recipes, celebrity guests and crafts. There is never a dull moment on “The Chew” because they are always cooking up something new. From visiting restaurants such as the one owned by Jon Bon Jovi to showing viewers how to make boardwalk cuisine, “The Chew” is on the scene. They even served up some barbecue favorites with Piper Perabo.

Today “The Chew” is serving more summertime treats along with some mouthwatering desserts. Carla has already shown viewers how to make a simple ice cream recipe at home. From strawberries to lemon sorbet, the crew has served some of the sweetest treats of the season. The trend continues as they show fans how to make more goodies to liven up the last weeks of summer. Nothing tops off a light meal or barbecue better than a dessert recipe from this crew. Fresh fruit, sorbet and other tantalizing treats are all possibilities. Clinton just promised it would be the sweetest show ever with a sugar high just from watching. Daphne let everyone know getting a sugar high is actually false according to studies. Carla is making a yummy key lime pie.

Cedric the Entertainer on “The Chew”

“The Chew” has an array of interesting celebrity guests who spend some time with the crew in the kitchen. Today Cedric the Entertainer will join Mario in the kitchen. There is sure to be plenty of good food and lots of laughs when these two guys get cooking. One Facebook fan said, “Love Mario and Cedric.” Another commented, “That should be some pure awesomeness!” After looking at the photo of the two of them, one viewer felt, “He looks like he's about to punch Mario in the face.” It is sure to be part of the irresistible banter everyone shares on the show.

Cedric the Entertainer is also referred to as Ceddy Bear. He is a comedian, actor and director. Cedric the Entertainer co-starred in “The Steve Harvey Show” and appeared in the “Barbershop” films. He was also one of the four comedians in the Spike Lee movie, “The Original Kings of Comedy.” This king of comedy is also a daddy who probably has some experience in the kitchen. Today he is sure to mix his culinary and comedy skills as he cooks up some cuisine with Mario. Fans of “The Chew” tune in for the funny moments as well as the fantastic recipes. With Cedric on board, it is sure to be an enjoyable show to remember. Who can resist seeing Mario and Cedric making something delicious? Fans are looking forward to seeing what they will whip up and HULIQ will be back with more. This dynamic duo will be making a blueberry coconut cake.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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