The Chew Dishes With Melissa Joan Hart and Mama T

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Today on ABC's The Chew, the crew is cooking up some summer dishes with Melissa Joan Hart, Mama T is back and Clinton is revealing the biggest fashion crimes of the season.

Fans can look forward to excitement on ABC's “The Chew” today. The crew is making some fun and simple summer dishes and welcomes Mama T back to the show. Melissa John Hart joins the show to dish with Daphne. Also, Clinton will reveal the biggest fashion crimes of summer today to see if viewers are committing them.

Simply Summer On “The Chew”

Summertime means the living is easy on ABC's “The Chew.” The crew has shown an array of recipes that are perfect for the sultry summer season. From boardwalk favorites to barbecue delights with Piper Perabo, fans now have a variety of summer recipes at their fingertips. Recent episodes also included sweet treats with celebrity guests such as Mayim Bialik and Cedric the Entertainer.

Today “The Chew” crew is whipping up more sensational summer recipes. These fun and simple dishes make the end of this season even more special. Mama T and her signature style will be back on the show. The last time she appeared on the show, Mama T cooked up some home style cuisine with Mario Batali and had the audience laughing the entire time. Fans look forward to seeing her serve up family-style meals with a touch of motherly humor. One Facebook fan commented, "She is a no nonsense woman. She doesn't care who you are - if she doesn't like the food she will not pretend she does. I love her and Mario together. He treats her with respect and seems to get a kick out of her." There will be a Battle of the Iron Grandmas cooking contest with Mama T and Antoinette Lordo.

Mama T and Mario are making puttanesca sauce, a quick and easy seafood sauce with anchovies served over pasta. Antoinette Lordo and Michael are making pasta primavera with vegetables and potatoes, a dish that can also be eaten by vegetarians. The grandmas are dueling in the kitchen to wear the golden colander. It is hard to know who will win this competition with so much personality and great cuisine on the screen. Carla, Daphne and a member of the audience are the judges. Ultimately, Mama T won the golden colander but it was certainly a close competition.

Melissa Joan Hart On “The Chew”

There are two fantastic personalities on “The Chew” today along with the entertainment of the regular crew. Besides Mama T making an appearance, Melissa Joan Hart is dishing with Daphne. Melissa is known for her roles on the television series “Clarissa Explains It All,” “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” and “Melissa and Joey" and appeared on “Dancing With The Stars.”

This talented actress, singer, writer, director, producer and businesswoman also owns a sweet shop. Melissa is married to musician Mark Wilkerson and they have two children with a third on the way. The New York native is sure to share some interesting stories and warm up the kitchen with her presence. Fans also wonder if newlywed Daphne Oz will talk about having babies with Hart. Viewers still have a lot of questions about when or if Daphne might be having a child herself.

Daphne visited Melissa at her Connecticut home. She has a lovely house and was clearly quite pregnant. Daphne admitted she was a major fan of "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch." Melissa made fried chicken and mashed potatoes with cream cheese, a favorite meal at her house. Her adorable son helped in the kitchen.

Clinton Points Out Fashion Faux Pas

Clinton Kelly was famous for offering fantastic fashion advice on “What Not To Wear” before he appeared on “The Chew.” Fashion is an integral part of his world and Clinton continues to offer tips to his fans. On today's show, he will be pointing out some of the biggest fashion crimes of the summer. Viewers can only imagine some of the outfits he might show. It is sure to be a hilariously informative segment. One Facebook fan said, “Clinton is so good with fashion tips!!” From food to fashion to fun, fans get it all today. HULIQ will be back with more.

Clinton's fashion tips were fabulous. He showed a women in a revealing top and shorts that were too short. He advised the ladies to wear a bra and choose shorts and capri pants in the right length. He also caught a women in a dress that showed too much. The three women looked one hundred percent better after Clinton's quick makeover. Capri pants should end right below the knee, at the widest part of the calf or at the ankle to be most flattering. Also, flats with capris make a women look shorter and wider.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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