The Chew Has a Potluck Party with Jami Gertz from The Neighbors

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Today The Chew is throwing a fantastic potluck party featuring simple recipes with Jami Gertz from ABC's The Neighbors.

On ABC's “The Chew,” Monday kicks off with a fun potluck party. The crew is serving up some cheap and easy recipes everyone can try at home. They are also dishing in the kitchen with Jami Gertz from ABC's “The Neighbors.”

A Potluck Party on “The Chew”

One of the best ways to throw a party is to ask everyone to bring their own dish. It is an affordable way to plan a gathering without having to do all the cooking. Known as a potluck party, these friendly get-togethers are also a chance to show off your best dish. Anything but boring, potluck parties feature a variety of different flavors. One dish might be ethnic while another is an American classic. Best of all, there is always something you will like to eat if you are bringing a dish yourself.

Today on ABC's “The Chew,” they are starting the week with a potluck party. The crew is serving up some budget-conscious recipes that are easy to make. On their Facebook page, the show promises to present a few trendy ideas for potluck suppers. One fan commented, “I Love The CHEW ! We just had potluck yesterday at the bar I work at YUM!” Another viewer said, “Bought The Chew cookbook this weekend!!! What a great book, have marked what is gonna get cooked. Made Mario Eggs in Purgetory this weekend, everyone loved it.”

Last week the show had a party to celebrate the release of their new cookbook and everyone had a great time. Entitled “THE CHEW: Food, Life, Fun,” the cookbook offers over 100 tasty recipes. It is an excellent way to keep all your favorites organized in the kitchen so you are ready to cook at a moment's notice. It could also come in handy if you are invited to a potluck dinner at the last minute. Clinton is playing Judge Foodie, a spinoff on Judge Judy, on the show today. He believes it is important to cook potluck dishes rather than buy them.

Jami Gertz on “The Chew”

At the beginning of September, “The Chew” hosted the ABC fall premiere show that highlighted some of the network's exciting fall offerings. Last night the season premieres of “Revenge” and “666 Park Avenue” aired on ABC. Earlier in the week, fans tuned in to watch an hour-long premiere of “The Middle” and the new ABC show “The Neighbors” starring Jami Gertz.

Today Jami Gertz will appear on “The Chew” to do some cooking and laughing with the crew. “The Neighbors” is a half hour comedy show about a family moving into a townhouse neighborhood inhabited by aliens. They wondered why they were getting such a great deal and soon found out the truth about their suburban neighbors. It would certainly be a unique place to throw a potluck dinner, especially since their alien neighbors don't eat actual food for sustenance.

Jami Gertz is a seasoned actress who is also dedicated to charity. Gertz and her husband were named the number one givers to charity in 2010. Gertz is known for her roles in movies such as “Sixteen Candles,” “The Lost Boys,” and “Less Than Zero.” She also appeared in several television shows including “Square Pegs” with Sarah Jessica Parker, “Twister” and “Still Standing.” Fans can't wait to see what she will cook up in the kitchen on “The Chew.” HULIQ will return with more later.

ABC's “The Chew” airs on weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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