The Chew Offers Memorial Day Grilling Tips and the Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown

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Today on ABC's The Chew fans get great tips for Memorial Day weekend grilling as the crew prepares for the The Chew's Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown on Saturday night.

Memorial Day weekend is here and ABC's “The Chew” is serving up some tasty grilling ideas on Extra Value Friday. Celebrity guests join “The Chew” crew as they prepare some traditional favorites for the first unofficial weekend of summer. The crew is also is preparing for The Chew's Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown in Memphis on Saturday night.

ABC's “The Chew” Talks About Memorial Day Weekend Grilling

ABC's “The Chew” know Memorial Day weekend grilling is a popular way to spend the first unofficial weekend of summer. Clinton informed viewers Memorial Day is the second most popular grilling day of the year. One in three Americans are traveling on Memorial Day to have a good time with the people they love. The most popular grilling day of the year is Fourth of July, when summertime is in full swing and everyone is ready for fun in the sun.

Today is also Extra Value Friday on ABC's “The Chew.” Their Memorial Day weekend grilling suggestions are both affordable and delicious. Yvette Nicole Brown of ABC's “Community” is the guest co-host on the show today. She helps Michael prepare his signature grilled pork chop with potato salad for Memorial Day weekend BBQ events. Other dishes presented on the show today include Mario Batali's chicken pasta salad with green olives and raisins, which he prepared with Mama T. Daphne Oz's pulled chicken BBQ sandwich is a mouthwatering low-calorie alternative to pulled pork.

These tasty treats are sure to be a hit at any Memorial Day BBQ! After all, everyone needs to serve a potato salad and pasta salad at Memorial Day parties. You can also bring these delicious dishes to a BBQ if you're going to celebrate away from home. Racecar driver Helio Castroneves also joined the show to dish about the Indy 500 over Memorial Day weekend.

ABC's The Chew Gutbusters for Swimsuit Season

Clinton asked some great questions today during the Gutbusters game, designed to find out if people know how many calories are in traditional Memorial Day favorites. When the guest player got an answer wrong, Michael's gut grew. Viewers discovered a ¼ pound grilled cheeseburger has 570 calories. It's sure to make people think about their food choices at Memorial Day weekend parties, especially since swimsuit season is here. Are you ready to slip into your swimsuit? Of course, there are always cover-ups.

The Chew's Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown on Memorial Day Weekend

The Indy 500 is not the only exciting event being held during Memorial Day weekend. There will also be The Chew's Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown airing on ABC on Saturday night at 9 p.m. ET. In a preview, Mario and Michael were shown strutting their stuff with the big guys of BBQ. It's sure to be a learning experience for everyone. Memphis is known as the barbecuing capital of the country, making it the ideal place for The Chew's Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown. Watching these show is an excellent way to prepare for your own Memorial Day weekend grilling projects. Your guests will be delighted to get something beyond the basic hamburgers and hot dogs often served at Memorial Day parties. One Facebook fan commented, "Memphis in May celebration? Been there many years ago, awesome food."

Besides the fantastic suggestions offered by ABC's “The Chew,” HGTV also offered some inspiration for Memorial Day parties. HGTV recently posted a Memorial Day weekend party menu that includes everything from lobster rolls to corn on the cob. For those who enjoy libations at their parties, HGTV offered Memorial Day cocktail ideas that sound irresistible. With all these suggestions, your Memorial Day weekend parties are sure to be flavorful. What do you have planned for Memorial Day weekend? Share your special recipe suggestions in the comments section below.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET
ABC's “The Chew's Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown” airs on Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. ET

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