The Chew Serves Five Star Recipes With Chef Roble Ali

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Today on ABC's The Chew, the crew is serving up five star recipes that won't break the bank with Chef Roble Ali.

Many people want a five star meal but are not working with a budget that makes it possible. Today on ABC's “The Chew,” the crew shows fans how to make make five star recipes at home that won't break the bank. Celebrity guest Chef Roble Ali is sure to have some sensational suggestions.

Affordable Five Star Recipes On “The Chew”

In the current economy, going out to dinner is a luxury for many people. Everyone would like to feast on a five star meal but might not be able to cover the cost. Another alternative is making the food at home. Knowing how to shop economically and prepare gourmet cuisine makes it possible. Today the crew on ABC's “The Chew” will show viewers how to serve their own affordable five star meals at home.

With a crew of distinguished chefs, fans are sure to get some terrific ideas for fantastic food on a budget. Knowing what foods to shop for on a budget and how to cook them to perfection is a way to have a high end restaurant experience at home. Setting the ambiance also adds to the pleasure of fine dining. “The Chew” has shown viewers the simple ways to prepare delicious cuisine and present it beautifully. Yesterday viewers discovered some luscious dessert recipes that would top off a five star meal perfectly.

Facebook fans are eager to see today's show. Some can't wait to watch it and others are recording it so they can see it after work. Several fans said they love the show and the crew is so funny. One viewer was concerned and commented, “I think that everyone's definition of affordable is different.” Another simply said, “Love a bargain!” Either way, the cost to cook the cuisine at home is probably significantly less than dining at a restaurant and paying a gratuity. Clinton presented his funny menu mishaps and Michael and Carla are making chorizo stuffed chicken breasts.

Cooking Up Gourmet Cuisine With Chef Roble Ali

“The Chew” is working with another celebrity guest today, Chef Roble Ali. His input is sure to add a sophisticated touch to these five star recipes. Chef Roble Ali is from “Chef Roble & Co.,” a reality television series on Bravo. The series is about his efforts to start a high end catering company in New York City with his sister Jasmine. He learned cooking from his grandfather who was a chef.

Chef Roble is from Poughkeepsie, New York, spent some time in his youth in Houston, Texas then moved back to New York City after culinary school. He has worked with famous chefs and was the youngest sous chef ever at the elite New York catering company, Abigail Kirsch. Chef Roble has also cooked for a variety of celebrities including Faith Evans and Russell Simmons so fans know they will get some five star ideas. Viewers are sure to get some great tips from this distinguished chef and “The Chew” crew on today's show. HULIQ with be back with more.

ABC's “The Chew” airs on weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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