The Chew Sinks Its Teeth Into Barbecue With Piper Perabo

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On Monday, ABC's The Chew crew sunk their teeth into summer barbecue including grilled swordfish with Piper Perabo and a trip to The Salt Lick in Texas.

Summer isn't the same without barbecues. On Monday ABC 's“The Chew” featured some of the best recipes. Actress Piper Perabo visited to grill up swordfish with Mario Batali. Jason Roberts stopped by The Salt Lick in Austin for a taste of real Texas barbecue and a viewer shared his delectable barbecued ribs recipe.

Piper Perabo Spies On The Chew

“The Chew” crew took a bite out of barbecued recipes today with specialties from TV spy Piper Perabo. An American favorite, everyone heads to summer barbecues to feast and have fun with friends and family. Few people can resist the smell of their favorite foods cooking on the grill. It is one of the most popular reasons for folks to gather during the summer season.

Mario mastered the mixed grill with a variety of meats served on a stick. Simon helped marinade the steak and chops. All the meat was less than $5 per serving at M&M Grilling Company. Simon went incognito during the presentation with a blonde wig and black-rimmed eyeglasses. The audience roared when they found out they would get a set of new barbecue tools courtesy of Front Gate.

Piper Perabo, actress on USA's “Covert Affairs,” came to visit “The Chew.” She revealed besides being able to cook, she does a lot of her own stunts. Perabo says she eats healthy choices when she works including fish and veggies. Perabo also owns the New York City restaurant Jack's Wife Freda. Last week “The Chew” visited the Soul Kitchen in New Jersey, the restaurant/charity run by celebrity rocker Jon Bon Jovi.

Perabo made swordfish on the grill with Mario. The swordfish has to be properly gutted and cut into thin slices. The hot season this year means excellent tomatoes for the accompanying salad. As the swordfish cooks on the grill, Mario makes a quick sauce for the fish and dressing for the vegetables. He says he does not like the vinegar mix completely emulsified. He cooks the fish 80 percent on the first side then flips it. Perabo continues to make the salad and talks about playing a spy on USA's “Covert Affairs." The saucy dressing is poured over the fish and served with the vegetables.

Texas Barbecue on “The Chew”

“The Chew” sent Jason Roberts to The Salt Lick in Austin for a taste of true Texas barbecue. They cook on an open pit grill, the heart and soul of the operation. Fire, smoke and meat are the trio that makes Texas barbecue happen. They toss pepper, salt and cayenne pepper on a 15 pound brisket that takes up to 20 hours to simmer on the grill after being seared on both sides. The result is an amazing cut of meat with incredible flavor.

The appetizer Roberts sinks his teeth into is a beef rib. He is clearly pleased as the meat falls from the bone. Then he feasts on brisket ends, which used to be tossed away until people discovered how tasty they are. The diners love the turkey, brisket and ribs at this legendary Texas establishment. Everything looked mouthwatering and delicious. It's the open pit grill that makes the difference.

Raising the Barbecue on “The Chew”

After chatting with Piper Perabo, “The Chew” crew nibbled on several other hot barbecue recipes. Three viewers presented their barbecue specialties with a winner to be chosen by the crew. The first viewer served up skirt steaks with chimchurri sauce and black beans. It's a favorite at the firehouse and Carla clearly likes it. The second contestant introduces his Boogie's barbecued ribs. The viewer said his ribs would make you want to boogie and that's how they got their name. The third contestant serves up a summer California chicken sandwich on the healthy side. It's easy for to make and feast on at the beach. The judges like the lightness and texture of the sandwich.

They all look like winners but Carla has to determine the one that takes the prize. They deliberate and the winner is Boogie's barbecue ribs. “The Chew” cooks up the winning recipe for fans at home to see and try for themselves. Few people can resist barbecued ribs off the grill. It's one of the renowned scents of summertime. Aaron, the creator, joins Daphne and Carla to prepare the ribs. He uses St. Louis ribs and rubs them with an array of ingredients with an Asian influence. The ribs sit overnight in the rub then he introduces his special Boogie's barbecue sauce. Aaron learned how to make ribs, collard greens and other dishes from his grandmother. He is now the family cook since his grandmother and mother passed away. The ribs are simple to make and offer a burst of barbecued flavor. To find out more about making Boogie's barbecued ribs, visit ABC “The Chew.” The audience also got to try this savory barbecued delight.

Clinton wraps up the show with a “low and slow”cocktail to keep the barbecue partying going with his unique variation of a whiskey sour. There's more than just barbecues because ABC's “The Chew” won't be giving fans the summer “re-run around.” All week there will be new episodes of “The Chew” to look forward to. From good times at the beach to sensational taste delights, the crew will cover it all without repeating themselves.

ABC “The Chew” airs on weekdays at 1:00 p.m. E.T.

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