The Chew Starts Season Two With Katie Couric As Her Show Premieres

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Today ABC's The Chew kicks off their second season by cooking up some fabulous cuisine in the kitchen with Katie Couric on the same day her talk show Katie premieres.

It seems like the first season of ABC's “The Chew” flew by with food, fun, fashion and crafts. They served up fresh episodes all summer and today their second season starts right before the fall begins. Katie Couric will be kicking off the second season with the crew as they whip up some tasty food for their fans. Today is also the day Couric's talk show “Katie” premieres.

The Second Season of “The Chew”

ABC's “The Chew” assumed their afternoon slot last September and it was very successful. Viewers appreciate the recipes, humor, crafty ideas and fantastic fashion tips they find on the show everyday. The crew works well together and there are always plenty of laughs and great advice along the way. Today the second season of “The Chew” begins. Fans are looking forward to some excellent ideas for the fall as the cooler weather starts to take over at the end of the summer season. Before fall starts, the co-hosts will be serving up some of their summer vacation favorites today.

Summertime on “The Chew” was refreshing because they showed new episodes throughout those warm months. As other shows were airing tired reruns, fans could turn to ABC to find something new and exciting. One fan at the Facebook page commented, “Love the show and thank you all so much for taping new episodes for us to watch this summer.” They warmed up the summer months with barbecue suggestions, boardwalk fare and a variety of celebrity guests including ranging from Rachael Ray to Jon Bon Jovi.

Viewers are eager to see the new episodes of “The Chew” as the show embarks on its second season. One fan commented, “Hello to all at The Chew cast and crew. May this season be a delight as it was the first season.” Another is looking forward to seeing the show in-person and stated, “I am so excited that my family and friends and I are going to a show in season 2. My ticket confirmation has been sent back and confirmed.” Fans who do not have an opportunity to view the show live still feel the personal touch reach out to them from their televisions or laptops. Some fans catch up on their favorite episodes on their laptops on the weekend because “The Chew” offers their latest shows right on their website.

Katie Couric on “The Chew”

As she gets ready to start her own show, Katie Couric will also appear in the kitchen on “The Chew” on September 10. It is certainly a wonderful way to start the second season of both shows. Katie Couric is renowned and sure to bring something special to the table during her appearance. Also, Mario Batali is back and fans are sure to be happy to see this dynamic duo in the kitchen. They are making a peach and cucumber salad with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and basil with a sizzling steak. Couric admitted her comfort food is meatloaf. She also like to make olive oil with lemon zest over pasta as a summertime meal. Carla discovered she has a lot in common with Couric, including their love of peaches and lemons. They also both have a daytime talk show.

Couric is a journalist and author who serves as a special correspondent for ABC News. Her contributions include “ABC World News,” “Good Morning America,” “20/20” and “Nightline.” She also anchored for “CBS Evening News,” hosted “Today,” reported for “Dateline NBC” and reported for “60 Minutes.” Her first book entitled The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives” was a New York Times best-seller. Today is also the premiere of “Katie,” a syndicated daytime talk show airing at 3:00 p.m. ET on weekdays after “General Hospital.” Everyone can't wait to see what Couric can do in the kitchen on “The Chew.” HULIQ will return with more soon.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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