The Chew Takes a Bite Out of Party Life With Jon Bon Jovi

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Today on ABC's The Chew, the crew wrapped up Viewers Choice Week by taking a bite out of party life with food fights, cocktails and Jon Bon Jovi.

Today on ABC, The Chew showed viewers how to party with food fights, cocktails, crafty ideas, recipes and celebrity guest Jon Bon Jovi. The crew proved their partying abilities by wearing cupcakes and expressing appreciation for Daphne's dress. They even dished with Jon Bon Jovi at his "Soul Kitchen" in New Jersey, a perfect way to end Viewers Choice Week on The Chew.

Partying Down With The Chew

The episode started with Michael serving up sausage polenta, a fantastically affordable dish for any party. A polenta party is a great way to have a gathering on a budget. The cornmeal based dish was enhanced with three different toppings. One topping included asparagus, shell peas, onions and Parmesan cheese. Another consisted of Italian sausage, olive oil, onions, garlic and tomato. The third was a veggie topping that included eggplant and balsamic vinegar. Guests can choose the way they want to top off the creamy polenta mixture. Each serving only costs $1.85 to $2.00.

The Chew crew also shared some viewer statistics about how they like to party. According to their survey, 74 percent of men prefer to remain attached at the hip to their partner when they go to parties. On the other hand, 84 percent of women like to be left alone to divide and conquer. There was some debate about men wanting to keep an eye on their woman at parties. There was also discussion men might think they would get in trouble of they left a woman's side. Viewers shared past experiences that stopped a party in its tracks including vomiting on the dance floor and drinking water from a fish tank. Both certainly sound like fast way to end a party fast.

Although viewers did not get to see it happen, Michael and Clinton had a food fight. Apparently it started when Michael put a cupcake in Clinton's face. In return, Clinton smashed a cupcake on Michael's bald head. Clinton then compared a photo of Michael wearing the cupcake to a pic of Damon Wayans of Homey D. Clown fame. Clinton claimed he got alcohol in his eye which made him twitch weirdly at meetings all day. The crew also managed to compliment Daphne on her striped dress and high heels, letting her know she was party-ready in her garb.

Clinton decided to get crafty and had four viewers share their ideas for party crafts. One made earrings out of tin cans and said it was a conversation starter to discuss which beer can was used to create your jewelry. Another viewers used a stamper to decorate tile coasters and trivets. The third viewer put mesh in an old frame to use as a name tag holder. The fourth viewer used beer and soda rings to make party decorations such as sunflowers and snowflakes. The Chew crew chose to make coasters with Diane, the winning viewer craft. Clinton's Craft Corner showed how to make absorbent and attractive party coasters.

Carla insisted no party was complete without a sweet treat to top it off. She made individual strawberry ice box pies using a simple syrup with lemon and strawberries, graham crackers, cream cheese and fresh whipped cream. The remaining lemon strawberry syrup was mixed with seltzer and gin for a sensational party cocktail. Drinks were also handed out to the audience so they could celebrate with The Chew crew.

Mario Batali Heats Things Up With Jon Bon Jovi

No party is complete without a celebrity guest. Mario Batali dished with famous rocker Jon Bon Jovi about his" Soul Kitchen," a place where guests are "eating on a prayer." Bon Jovi said it is not a soup kitchen but a place offering food and empowerment. The menus have no prices and people can volunteer after eating a good meal rather than paying cash. Those who pay the suggested donation or more cover their own plate and the plate for another diner. Volunteers help in the kitchen, wash dishes and perform other necessary tasks to keep the "Soul Kitchen" going. Bon Jovi admitted he prides himself in being a good dishwasher.

Mario Batali cooked up some amazing cuisine at the "Soul Kitchen" in New Jersey. Guests were pleased to nosh on gourmet food from this world famous chef. After showing off his culinary prowess at the "Soul Kitchen," Batali shared his sumptuous recipe for stromboli with the audience. Stromboli is a perfect party food and easy to make. The dough is stuffed with a variety of ingredients according to taste, such as tomato, onion, peppers and cheese. The stromboli is baked then served to hungry guests. There's nothing like wrapping up Viewer's Choice Week with a party, Jon Bon Jovi and mouthwatering stromboli. Check out The Chew website for more party-friendly recipes for the weekend and keep the party going.

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