Christmas Week on The Chew and Keeping New Years Resolutions

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This week ABC's The Chew offers a fun selection of shows as everyone continues to celebrate for the holidays and considers their new years resolutions.

Since Thanksgiving, ABC's “The Chew” shared a variety of recipes and ideas for Chanukah, Christmas and New Year's Eve. As everyone uses these suggestions to brighten the holiday season, “The Chew” crew is taking some time off themselves. This week fans can enjoy a unique array of shows aired during the second season including episodes that will help them keep a few new years resolutions.

Holiday Joys on “The Chew”

ABC's “The Chew” airs five days a week. The dedicated crew is always ready to help fans enjoy food, fun and life. Even this hard-working crew needs a few days off to appreciate the joy of the holidays. This week fans can watch a selection of sensational shows from the show's second season.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year's Eve, “The Chew” served up some irresistible ideas. Celebrity guests joined Mario, Michael, Clinton, Daphne and Carla. Fran Drescher made fans laugh and Valerie Bertinelli warmed up the kitchen. Katerine Jenkins brought an air of beauty to the show and Kermit the Frog cooked a Christmas calzone with Mario. Olivia Newton-John and The Rockettes also joined “The Chew” for a Holiday Spectacular. Besides a great group of celebrities, the crew shared suggestions ranging from fabulous fashions for the holidays to decorative crafts to make the season bright.

Fans look forward to new episodes of “The Chew.” The crew will be back to share delicious recipes and offer amazing ways to make the new year even better. In the meantime, viewers can tune in to watch some of the best shows from the second season. One Facebook fan commented, “ Merry Christmas to all of you at the Chew. Thanks for making my holiday season so much fun with your show. I work and tape the show and watch it every evening. You all are the best!” Today the show took to Facebook to wish all their fans a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Week on “The Chew”

As the crew celebrates Christmas week, the show goes on with a variety of excellent past episodes. On Monday, viewers saw Jami Gertz from ABC's “The Neighbors” along with a potluck party featuring budget-conscious recipes. Today the crew made dishes from items found in the freezer and correspondent Jason Roberts went hunting for mushrooms in Portland, Oregon. Tomorrow it's all about enjoying dinner and a movie as “The Chew” hosts share their favorite film and food duos.

On Thursday, the lovely Daisy Fuentes heats up the kitchen and the crew offers recipes for low calorie foods with lots of flavor. These recipes are sure to help fans keep their new years resolutions to eat healthier and lose a few pounds. With that in mind, on Friday “The Chew” will share recipes that offer big flavor without packing on the pounds. All of these episodes are a great way to prepare for the new year and new episodes of everyone's favorite afternoon lifestyle television show.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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