Clinton Kelly Heats Up The Kitchen With His Spouse

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For the first time ever on ABC's The Chew Clinton Kelly will introduce his spouse as the dynamic duo heats up their home kitchen with a special dish.

On Monday, Clinton Kelly bring his spouse Damon to visit ABC's “The Chew” for the first time. They will be cooking together and fans will also get a sneak peak at their home kitchen in New York City. The rest of the crew will be serving up everything from healthy dishes to decadent desserts in honor of Viewer's Choice Day on the show. Fans can't wait to see which recipes they choose to make.

Clinton and Damon on ABC's “The Chew”

Fans have loved advice from Clinton Kelly as a host of TLC's “What Not To Wear.” Now Clinton offers tips on everything from fashion to food to crafts on ABC's “The Chew.” Last week he shared some fabulous fashion tips and cuisine ideas for Oscar parties in honor of the Academy Awards on Sunday. Now he is giving viewers an inside look at his private life after he is done appearing on television shows.

For the first time ever, Clinton will introduced his spouse to “The Chew” viewers. Damon Bayles will join Clinton in the kitchen as they whip up something special for fans. Viewers will also get to see the kitchen in their New York City home. The couple was married in 2009. Everyone wonders where “The Chew” crew cooks their specialties when they return home. The kitchen on the show is so spectacular so they are sure to set up a comfortable and functional cooking space in their own homes. Clinton's kitchen was beautiful and the dog they have is adorable. They made a mouthwatering chocolate mousse with peanut brittle.

Viewer's Choice Day on ABC's “The Chew”

Every weekday “The Chew” crew serves a variety of delicious dishes. The recipes are easy to follow and make on your own. From awesome appetizers to yummy desserts, there are great ideas to share with family and friends or eat on your own. Today viewers are choosing the recipes they want to see prepared on the show. The Facebook page for “The Chew” reveals people would like to know how to cook everything from fried chicken to gluten-free meals. It is sure to be adventurous in the kitchen today as the crew tackles a few recipes requested by viewers. Fans wanted a weekday pasta dish and Mario delivered a tantalizing selection.

Some viewers also take the recipes from the show and modify them to suit their needs. One Facebook fan said, “It's fun to watch and learn each persons cooking style and fave flavors. Mario adds pepper flakes to everything and Michael tops everything with EVOO. And i think they've all been told they use too much salt once or twice. Even with kosher it is too much. But we can adjust our own when we make the recipes. No biggie. Love u guys!” One of the major advantage of watching “The Chew” is getting unique ideas. From the food to the crafts, people can add their own creative touches to personalize these ideas. It will be fun to see which viewers' requests will be featured on the show. HULIQ will return with more later.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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I missed this show but Clinton's pretzel salted caramel chocolate cheesecake rocks!! Made this for my family and friends for valentines day and everyone loved it. I followed some of the adaptations on Facebook and thought it was perfect. Thanks Clint for a memorable holiday !

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