The Colorful Rooms HGTV Loves from Rate My Space

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If you're tired of having a neutral palate in your home, HGTV is sharing some colorful rooms from Rate My Space that are sure to inspire some creative ideas.

Many people choose a neutral palate for their homes because they can add accents later. It feels good when you dare to add a splash of color to each room. HGTV loves certain colorful rooms from Rate My Space. HGTV is sharing the details to help give you a healthy dose of inspiration to incorporate color into your living spaces.

A Trip to the Beach

Certain colors bring to mind a day at the beach as the summer starts to slip away. Keep the positive feeling going throughout the year with hues of green, blue and white in your living room. Include some beach-inspired accents to make you feel like you are on summer vacation as the fall chill sets in.

Dare to Bring Dynamic Color Into Your Office

Your office space is where you make it all happen. Surround yourself with the right palate to inspire your best work. Keep in mind you can use unique color combinations in your office that you might not want to try in common areas such as the kitchen, living room and dining room. Consider hues of purple, green and black with dashes of white. Let your imagination run wild.

Offset Your Neutrality

If you still want to keep your rooms neutral, there are other ways to bring color into the space. Display bold artwork on the walls. It will become a focal point because all the other elements in the room are neutral. Toss a few colorful pillows on the sofa or find an unusual lamp in a bright color.

If you want more colorful ideas for your home, check out more examples at the HGTV website. Try to color your world beautiful with a whole new and expressive palate.

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