The Chew Shows How One Can Eat Comfort Foods Without Guilt

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Today on ABC's The Chew the crew will share a variety of low calorie versions of comfort foods for pleasure without all the guilt.

The new year is a time to reduce calories and resolve to eat a healthier diet. Today on ABC's “The Chew” the crew will be serving up comfort foods with fewer calories and less guilt. Celebrity chef Helen Cavallo is also joining the show to put a healthy spin on spaghetti and meatballs.

Helen Cavallo on “The Chew”

Since ABC's “The Chew” returned for the New Year, they have shared “Chew Year Resolutions” and healthy tips. Sensational celebrity guests included actress and activist Susan Sarandon as well as world renowned chef Bobby Flay. Today organic food guru Helen Cavallo will join the show to share her healthy recipe for spaghetti and meatballs. Fans are ready for it after the show about “Meatball Madness” yesterday. Most people turn to dishes such as spaghetti and meatballs for comfort, which is the theme of the show today.

Helen Cavallo is a Staten Island native who grew up growing and eating fresh vegetables with her Italian-American family. She is the host of “That's Fresh” on the cable TV channel Disney Junior. Her show has a natural and healthy approach that is easy to follow. She wants kids to know where their food actually comes from. Helen used to run Quentin Tarantino's production company but left to pursue a career in cooking. She started a catering company called Food & Bounty. Soon Helen was working on a cookbook for a client and talking to Disney about her ideas. Now she is an ambassador for healthy eating on “That's Fresh.”

Helen shares easy recipes on her show that are also seasonal. She uses healthy ingredients and cooks with love. Her show is a fun way to find out more about eating right and has the Disney stamp of approval. She is sure to bring a few laughs and great ideas to “The Chew” today as she serves up her yummy recipes for spaghetti and meatballs.

Comfort Foods on “The Chew”

Comfort foods are a way for people to feel good and appreciate a delicious meal. Often comfort foods are associated with certain memories or a particular season. In the winter, everyone wants to have something warm and tasty. Comfort foods might include soups, stews and thick sauces over pasta or rice. Potatoes and certain roasts are also considered comfort foods by many people.

Today on “The Chew” the crew will be serving up some mouthwatering comfort foods. Best of all, they are guilt-free because they use healthy ingredients and contain less calories than viewers might think. People don't have to give up their favorite foods to keep their New Year's resolutions of being healthier and losing weight. Choosing the right recipes and ingredients is a way to diversify your diet without packing on those unwanted pounds. HULIQ will return with more later.

ABC's “The Chew” airs on weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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