The Conscientious Use of Chemicals In Our World


Often people feel anxious and upset when they hear the word chemical. Few people seem to realize certain compounds are created naturally and are an integral part of the world around us.

It seems chemical is a word that has become almost taboo. When people hear the word chemical, they think of how they adulterate the world around them. While there are certain chemicals that are not good for human consumption, others are a natural part of God's world. Blanket assumptions about anything tend to lead people down the wrong path.

Consider the fact oxygen is a chemical. We need oxygen to breathe and live. This chemical is a part of God's master plan for all of us. The release of oxygen into the environment sustains life on Earth. His plan is perfect and we are a part of it. Other chemicals are also part of essential life functions such as sodium and carbon dioxide. Few people realize they are actually chemicals that are part of the world around them.

We can also consider the detriments of excess. For example, we must consume a small level of sodium each day to remain healthy. Eating foods with too much sodium can be harmful to our health, leading to heart disease and other physical complications. As we face life each day, achieving balance is imperative. God wants us to enjoy the elements around us but not overindulge. Overeating leads to health problems. Eating the right foods keeps us energized and productive. Because He gives us the power of choice, we ultimately have control of our overall well-being.

Other chemicals sound more complex but are equally important in our daily lives. Chelates are found in our blood and are referred to as hemes. This is how hemoglobin got its name. In the wide world of biology, the chlorophyll in plants is also considered a chelate. Chelates help transport oxygen and assist our bodies in releasing toxins from our blood such as mercury, leas and arsenic. Other essential chemicals found in our diets are amino acids, which are referred to as organic compounds.

There are many debates about how chemicals are used in our daily lives. Sometimes people are concerned about the emission of harmful chemicals in our food and water supply. This can lead to an overall fear of anything referred to as a chemical. God has created a wealth of elements for us to use and make the most of. The key is to consider the conscientious use of chemicals and the other resources we have been blessed with.

The next time you hear the word chemical, avoid the urge to shudder. Instead, learn more about the chemical and how it can benefit or harm the world around us. Then take action accordingly. He expects all of us to be responsible for ourselves and the impact we make on the life that exists around us.

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