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Cougar Life Talks Cougars, Cubs and Offering Ashton Kutcher $10 Million

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As reveals their Top Questions of 2011 including Ashton Kutcher, Cougar Life President Claudia Opdenkelder is ready to make Demi Moore's ex a $10 million offer. Claudia also spoke to Huliq about cougars, cubs, the breakup of Ashton and Demi and her own marriage to a man 14 years her junior., a top question and answer website serving over 60 million users, revealed their list of the Top Questions of 2011. Ashton Kutcher was included at number 6 with the question, “Did Ashton cheat?” Meanwhile, is making an offer he may or may not refuse.

Now that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have split, Claudia Opdenkelder, President of, said, “It was such a turn on to see them together, you could feel the chemistry they had, both being at there sexual prime, but unfortunately life in Hollywood takes its toll on relationships. I am working out the details but whoever decides to get on board could stand to make quite a killing, $10M is not bad for a cougar or a cub.”

Cougar Life is a website catering to the desires of those seeking cougar-cub relationships and other romantic encounters. An expert at these types of relationships, 41-year-old Claudia Opdenkelder recently married her 27-year-old boyfriend Paul. With over 2.6 million users on Cougar Life, it seems the older woman/younger man relationship is still alive and well after the breakup of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

Claudia Opdenkelder spoke to Huliq about Cougar Life, relationships, her recent marriage to a cub and her rumored $10 million dollar offer to Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Claudia admitted, “I've always dated younger my entire life. It was always something in the forefront of my was never fad or a trend. I enjoyed dating younger.”

Claudia, proved it by marrying her boyfriend who is 14 years her junior. A true success story, the attractive duo tied the knot privately in May in Tahiti then shared it with others in July in Toronto. Marriage has nothing to do with the fact Claudia is still a cougar who knows what cougars and cubs want.

Claudia said her friends were always asking her where she met all these great younger guys. At her friends' insistence, she did a cougar contest in Toronto and won. After her big win, Claudia decided to dispel the “old school” image of cougars as predators who were desperate to hold onto their youth.

The image was revamped and Claudia started her own website, Cougar Life, to celebrate the lifestyle. Claudia says, “A cougar is a strong, independent mature woman who is experienced and knows what she wants, knows how to get it and never really relied for a man to take care of her...and always had a desire for younger men.”

The term “cub” was developed by Claudia to refer to younger men. Her husband did not appreciate term boy toy and Claudia said she would never use it. Far more flattering than boy toy, recently “cub” was used in the television series “Gossip Girl.” Elizabeth Hurley was dating Chace Crawford on the show and spoke about how someone was outing her “cougar/cub” relationship.

Claudia discussed other cougar/cub relationships, including the impact of Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, Cher and her “bagel boy” and others who had a difference of 20+ years. She admitted the beauty and popularity of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher made people take notice of cougar/cub relationships. “People paid more attention to it. They're very much the frontrunner for that type of relationship.” Claudia also said their split was “unfortunate.”

Kutcher was recently voted the number one chosen cub in the UK. “He's quite popular and obviously crazy attractive.” Now Claudia is ready to make this world famous cub an offer that might be hard to refuse. Rumors flew about $10 million being offered to Demi Moore or Ashton Kutcher to campaign for Cougar Life.

According to Claudia, “We're actually leaning towards Ashton. We're working on a contract right now to send over to him. We just really want him to be the spokesperson face for all our cubs out there because we think he would just be perfect for it.” With $10 million dollars on the line, it's sure to be tempting.

Claudia hopes he will do it but realizes Ashton Kutcher is busy with the breakup as well as his role on the television show “Two and a Half Men.” Claudia said, “We're keeping our fingers crossed.” Cougar Life is launching worldwide in the UK, Australia, more of North America and back into Europe. The Toronto-based site caters to people looking for all types of relationships ranging from fun to serious and boasts several success stories, including marriage.

Despite the demise of Demi and Ashton, Claudia is her own success story with new husband Paul because they are “open and honest. I never wanted to be a sugar mama. I wanted somebody who is bringing something to the table.” She said her husband Paul was cultured, well-rounded and not a “frat boy.”

In fact, energetic Claudia said “half the time he is kind of the old man of the relationship” who wants her to slow down a bit. At the end of the day, Claudia says, “I bring something in, he brings something in and it works.”

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