Darius the Hilarious on 2 Broke Girls

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On CBS' 2 Broke Girls the dynamic duo get approved for a credit card and wind up financing the potential comedy career of Earl's son.

On the most recent episode of CBS “2 Broke Girls,” they face the eptome of poverty working at a Brooklyn greasy spoon. Max can't afford a new red lipstick and Caroline can't afford to replace her red-bottomed pumps. When they miraculously get pre-approved for a credit card, they resist spending temptation until they run into Darius the Hilarious.

Lipstick and Louboutins

Times are tough when you can't afford a new lipstick. The episode begins with Max trying to light up a lipstick tube, which suspiciously resembles a drug pipe. Caroline questions the situation and discovers Max is trying to get the last remnants of red lipstick out of the tube because she can't afford a new one.

Meanwhile, Caroline loses the heel on her Christian Louboutin pumps. It is a crisis and Max takes the gum out of her mouth to put the heel back on this pricey designer shoe. Max goes to wait on a surly customer who she describes as having no neck. As they banter with each other, the food lands on his lap because Caroline once again loses the heel of her shoe. Max can't understand the expensive allure of these red-bottomed shoes and lets Caroline know a baboon has a red bottom, too.

A Pre-Approved Credit Card

Few people can resist a letter offering a pre-approved credit card, especially when they are broke. The 2 broke girls return home to discover such an envelope waiting for them. Despite their better judgment, they get a credit card right away. The promise not to spend money vicariously.

From lizard to lipstick to new shoes, there are all kinds of reasons the girls want to spend money. They try to avoid temptation but it's not easy. After all, Caroline feels those fancy new shoes would help them land a great contract for their cupcake business. Max always wanted lizards and plenty of red lipstick. It just not easy to have a loaded credit card in their hands. Caroline resists a trip to Barney's for new shoes and Max steers clear of buying a dozen lizards. But more temptation is right around the corner.

Darius the Hilarious

When the girls return to work, Earl lets them know his favorite son is coming to visit. Max promises to pretend to be one of his long lost sisters. Darius had a great job at the Price Club but they soon discover he quit to pursue his career in comedy. Max decides to buy him a suit so he can resemble Sinbad.

The girls meet Darius at an underground subway shop to search for a suit. They don't let Earl know about their plans because they want Darius to succeed. Carried away by their credit line, the girls also decide to buy him a puppet for his act. Everyone arrives at the comedy club to watch Darious the Hilarious do his thing.

At first Darius flops because he is trying to use material written by someone else and the puppet. He finally gets laughs when he returns to his unique style of insulting people in the audience. Darius the Hilarious winds up a minor success but certainly won't be able to pay back the money spent on the suit. Though the girls did not expect him to, they realize they now have a bill to pay.

Earl finds out the girls spent their money on a suit for Darius and is touched. He decides to pay them back for everything they spent so they can payoff the credit card. The girls decide to get rid of the credit card to avoid temptations in the future. After all, they have to focus on getting their cupcake business off the ground. Next week on “2 Broke Girls” Caroline winds up getting a physical reaction to an attractive candy store owner. It's sure to be hilarious!

CBS' “2 Broke Girls” airs on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET

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