Dee Snider of Twisted Sister rocks HGTV Celebrity Holiday Homes

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On HGTV Celebrity Holiday Homes three Design Star winners transformed the homes of three celebrities including Dee Snider and BeBe Winans as well as Cheryl Burke from Dancing With the Stars.

The stars were out on the most recent episode of HGTV “Celebrity Holiday Homes.” Three celebrities were visited by three HGTV Design Star winners. Meg Caswell decorated Dee Snider's home, Emily Henderson revamped Cheryl Burke's space and Danielle Colding brought crafty holiday cheer to the home of gospel and R&B singer BeBe Winans.

Meg Caswell Rocks Christmas for Dee Snider on HGTV “Celebrity Homes”

Generations appreciate the unique style and music of Twisted Sister's Dee Snider. He is also a dedicated family man who contributes to a variety of charities, including a recent Long Island concert to raise funds for Hurricane Sandy. Dee Snider has an annual holiday party with his lovely wife. HGTV Design Star winner Meg Caswell was ready to decorate the New York home to impress their guests. Dee's wife Suzette is unsure because she is in charge of the decorating. Dee reveals she even re-decorates the Christmas tree after everyone it done.

Meg notices the Tuscan feel and elegance of the Snider home with lots of neutral vanilla tones. She wants to transform the space to reflect a rock and roll Christmas. She starts by hiring a pro to light up the entire exterior of the majestic home. Meg wants to surprise them with a festival of lights. She also adds two 12' Christmas trees to place on either side of the fireplace. She spray paints them in peacock and purple for a flocked appearance. The fireplace is lined with blue velvet and peacock feathers. Meg had a gingerbread house created in the likeness of the Snider home.

Emily Henderson Gives Cheryl Burke of “Dancing With the Stars” Holiday Style

Cheryl Burke of “Dancing With the Stars” admitted she doesn't put up many holiday decorations and is ready for a change. HGTV Design Star winner Emily Henderson is on hand to deliver some serious holiday style to Cheryl's home. It is the first home Cheryl ever purchased. Her father used to dress up as Santa Claus for the holidays. She loves the idea of having a designer make the California home ready for Christmas.

Emily is designing a feminine Christmas in hot pink for Cheryl to give her home a cool and modern feeling for the holiday season. Even the Christmas tree is a shiny hot pink hue. It adds a blast of vibrancy to Cheryl's home. She adds red decorations to be super-trendy. In total, Emily includes eight Christmas trees to the décor. There is also a glimmering white tree in the mix. Emily adds a large nutcracker lamp by the fireplace along with faux snow and a green garland by the mantel. She adds accents with color blocking and a sign reading, “Now Dasher, now Dancer.”

Danielle Colding Brings Holiday Spirit to BeBe Winans on HGTV Celebrity Holiday Homes

Gospel and R&B singer BeBe Winans is ready to let HGTV Design Star winner Danielle Colding add some holiday spirit to his home. His home represents Nashville, warmth and simplicity. He said holidays in his home growing up were crowded, noisy and filled with family love. Danielle is eager to transform Winans' home because she is a major fan.

Danielle decides on a vintage feel. She makes the fireplace mantel the focus with lots of beautiful garland. She also got in touch with Winans' sister to get old photographs of the family to scan and transform into personalized wrapping paper. Her crafty side continues when she makes kissing balls to hang from the ceiling as a precursor to mistletoe. Danielle and BeBe also make a tree topper together and he thinks of third grade again. A trolley arrives on the scene to make it easier to do the Christmas party. She makes a special ginger ale based drink called frappe for the party, which is perfect for kids and everyone.

Dee Snider, Cheryl Burke and BeBe Winans were all extremely pleased with the results on “HGTV Celebrity Holiday Homes.” Viewers got plenty of great ideas to improve their home décor for the holidays. The HGTV Design Star winners once again proved they had winning style. One Facebook fan commented about Dee Snider's home, “The fireplace mantel was the absolute best.”

HGTV “Celebrity Holiday Homes” airs on Fridays at 9:00 p.m. ET

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