Discover How HGTV Uses Flea Market Finds to Transform a Room

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As the summer comes to an end, people are heading to flea markets to sell their wares and search for fantastic bargains. HGTV is offering some fantastic ways to transform your bedroom with a few simple flea market finds.

Most of us have heard the old saying about one man's trash being another man's treasure. The end of the summer is an ideal time to start perusing flea markets and garage sales for budget finds. As people clean out their homes, it give bargain hunters an excellent opportunity to redecorate on a dime before the holiday guests arrive. HGTV is offering some great ways to transform your bedroom with a few simple flea market items.

Small Chairs and Big Ideas

Do you remember the small chairs your grandmother had in the sitting room? Usually nobody was allowed to sit in the room and everything was for show. You might be able to find one of these lovely small chairs at a local flea market. Even if you have limited space in your bedroom, you can use one of these chairs to create a reading corner. HGTV recommends looking for a chair with a strong frame and soft padding. Add an ottoman, light and table to create a relaxing space in your bedroom.

The Beauty of an Older Quilt

Another item you might remember from your grandmother's house was the cozy bedspread or a rustic quilt. Sometimes these quilts were handmade, which added to the charm. You could find one of these treasures at the flea market to help make your bed more inviting. Make sure the quilt has no holes and is machine washable for your convenience. It is sure to bring you back to your childhood days. You might even get the urge to jump on the bed!

The Allure of Vintage Necessities

HGTV reminds us of the versatile allure of vintage necessities. Multi-purpose tables can make your bedroom more beautiful and functional. Last summer I found a vintage telephone table in a rich cherry wood. It matches our modern bedroom set perfectly and brings an old-fashioned feel into the room. It also fits into the smaller side of the room perfectly. Include a vintage lamp in your bedroom to add illumination without breaking the bank.

As you shop around at your local flea market, watch out for vintage finds that could make your bedroom a bit more enjoyable. Have you found any great older items at the flea market? Tell us what you found and how you are using it.

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