Discover Who Won A Dream Date with Clinton Kelly on The Chew

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The heat was on in the kitchen today on ABC's The Chew when three fans competed for a chance to score a dream date with Clinton Kelly.

Everyone knows Clinton Kelly is one of the ultimate fashion advisers and foodies. Three fans appeared on ABC's "The Chew" to prepare delicious dishes for Clinton to try to win a dream date with this popular co-host. Of course, Clinton's spouse had something to say about it.

Dishing About Dating and 'Food and Wine' on "The Chew"

Much like other episodes of ABC's "The Chew," the show started with the co-hosts discussing the latest happenings of the day before the competition for a dream date with Clinton began. Mario Batali was part of National Dine Out Day in New Jersey to raise funds for the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. Fans were encouraged to continue donating to the cause. Michael Symon's tasty creamed summer corn with bacon appeared on the cover of 'Food and Wine' magazine. Michael also received the honor of being named one of the best new chef all-stars in 'Food and Wine.' Carla Hall attended a Darius Rucker concert, who was previously known as Hootie of Hootie and the Blowfish. Daphne enjoyed a dinner party with the girls and they feasted on take-out cuisine. It seems Daphne wanted a day off!

After they talked about their latest activities, the co-hosts of "The Chew" discussed dating. Daphne remembers a guy in college who kept pursuing her until. she left him at a party. He went to her dorm room and tried to hand dirty flowers from the garden into her window. Daphne wound up covered in silt as she pretended to sleep until the guy left. Carla went out with a guy so cheap he stayed on the other side of the turnstile on the Metro in case she did not show up so he would not have to pay the fee. There was also a segment of Chew Confessions with fans revealing their deepest and darkest dating secrets. One fan wound up kissing the attractive brother of her date at the end of the evening. Another left a date to allegedly go to the bathroom but was really going back and forth between two bars to juggle two dates. Of course all of this conversation lead to the fans competing for a dream date with Clinton Kelly. But Clinton Kelly's spouse did send a video to make sure everyone was aware he knew about the competition and Clinton belonged to him.

Competing for a Dream Date with Clinton Kelly on ABC's "The Chew"

The moment fans had been waiting for began on ABC's "The Chew." Few people could resist a day of fun with co-host Clinton. Three fans were present to compete for a dream date with Clinton Kelly. They all had to prepare dishes to tantalize his palate to win a day of drinking, dining and shopping. Clinton even promised to buy the winner something cute. The heat was on in the kitchen now!

The first contestant was Justine from Farmingdale, Long Island, New York. She was a former cocktail waitress and mother of five. The second competitor was a former body builder named Jessica from Milford, MA who loves style. The third contestant was Brian from Astoria, Queens who is known for causing euphoria in Astoria. Justine made a skirt steak with grilled Romaine and a cocktail for Clinton. Brian created a recipe for Avocado Egg Rolls and a really strong cocktail. Jessica made a lean Chicken Saltimbocca with white sangria. Clinton did not know who made which dish and seemed to enjoy all of them. Jessica wound up being the lucky winner of a dream date with Clinton Kelly.

ABC's "The Chew" airs on weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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