Dishing About Gwyneth Paltrow and a Surprise Ending on The Chew

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Today on ABC's The Chew the crew prepared some delicious destination dining dishes with a famous chef and there was an unbelievable surprise ending on the show.

ABC's “The Chew” always manages to deliver food, fun and laughs – along with a few unexpected situations. Today the crew dished about Gweneth Paltrow and cooked up some sensational ethnic cuisine with Fabio Viviani. There was also a surprise ending that is sure to leave fans talking.

Dishing About Gweneth Paltrow and More on ABC's The Chew

Clearly “The Chew” crew loves Gwyneth Paltrow. She has been a frequent guest on the show and is a talented cook and author in her own right. Today the crew dished about Gwyneth being voted the most beautiful woman in the world by People magazine. Clinton Kelly said the New York Post disagreed with this choice and referred to Gwyneth as a holier-than-thou elitist. Daphne Oz felt that was like being one of the “mean girls” as an adult. Mario pointed out the newspaper was often a mud raker.

Clinton also discussed how 1 in 10 people in New York City have diabetes. The co-hosts agreed processed food was a major culprit since you really cannot gauge how much sugar and salt goes into it. Cooking your own food gives you greater control over what ingredients are used for better health and flavor. The crew also talked about the best-selling book “Cooked” by Michael Pollen. Mario Batali said he refers to fire, water, air and earth with regarding to food preparation. It is all about getting in touch with what you are eating. Mario further said Pollen indicated if you are not hungry enough to eat an apple, you're really not that hungry.

Finally, Clinton discussed a new way of flirting on Virgin America flights. It seems people can now order drinks and snacks for passengers they think are cute. Mario quipped it could lead to a frequent mile high flyer club. Daphne recalled her days as a fat and nerdy teen and wondered if this type of flight situation would make certain people feel bad. Clinton thought it was a rather fun idea. What do you think?

Destination Dining and a Surprise on ABC's “The Chew”

Today's episode of ABC's “The Chew” was focused on destination dining. Fabio Viviani visited the show to prepare Italian style eggplant and veal. “The Chew” also mentioned Fabio's “Italian Kitchen” book for more recipes. Michael Symon took viewers on a culinary world tour by preparing chicken wings in several ways including lemon oregano, chiptole and Korean style. Instead of ordering Chinese takeout, Clinton made chicken and shrimp dumplings. He also showed fans how to make yummy dipping sauces from leftover packets of hot mustard and sweet and sour sauce. When Clinton caused an explosion that landed on one of his shoes while opening the packets, he defined fabulous as perfectly imperfect.

The show included a surprise ending you won't believe. The video below shows what the crew did together and why it is so funny. One Facebook fan commented, “It's my daily dose of goofiness, fun and food! I dread the weekends anymore, 'cause you guys aren't on then. Love you all!”

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