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Dogs Sing Auld Lang Syne for New Years on The Anderson Cooper Show [VIDEO]

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The Anderson Cooper Show featured two English Shepherds singing “Auld Lang Syne” to their owner's saxophone in celebration of the New Year. The doggie duo and their owner hope to use their musical talents to help other dogs.

When owner Adam Yamada-Hanff starting playing his saxophone one day a couple of years ago, he never expected his English Shepherd Sierra to start singing along. Yamada-Hanff said, “Sierra ran into the room and stood for a long time looking at me. She did that dog thing of tilting her head and had a very curious look on her face, then she starting 'singing!' It was wonderful!”

Yamada-Hanff owned Sierra and Cody since they were 8-week-old puppies. Now Sierra is 3 and Cody is 4. Despite her younger age, Yamada-Hanff stated, “Sierra taught Cody to sing.” Adam has played the saxophone and off for 10 years.

While the sax his is hobby, Yamada-Hanff is a writer for several online resources including Torque News and Adam's Auto Advice. He was delighted to hear from The Anderson Cooper Show when “One of the producers was looking for interesting clips for a segment they called 'Yuletube.' She was searching YouTube and ran across our video. They also saw our other videos and loved them.”

Despite their strange surroundings at the show, Yamada-Hanff said about his English Shepherds, “They were surprisingly well-behaved and I think they enjoyed the attention. Both dogs really liked Anderson Copper a lot.” They jumped on Cooper and showered him with doggy kisses in the green room.

The talented pooches sang, “Auld Lang Syne,” on The Anderson Cooper Show. As Yamada-Hanff played the saxophone, Sierra crooned along. It also seems these delightful dogs are more than just a one-hit wonder.

According to their owner, they will “sing lots of songs. Sierra will really vocalize to different songs and try to follow along with the song. Both dogs seems to be getting better everyday.”

Yamada-Hanff encourages their singing talents but admits that Sierra is “a 'Dog Diva.' If she doesn't feel the song she won't sing or if I have played a song too much, she will give me a look.”

The doggie duo perform best to the sounds of their owner's sax. Yamada-Hanff said to HULIQ, “Both dogs seem to only respond when I play my saxophone. We have had others play in front of them, and they usually will not sing.”

When asked if the dogs had formal training, their owner indicates, “Sierra and Cody sing because it is a love and passion. I firmly believe that is what music should be about. I think that is why people enjoy it so much.” The dogs sing on their own terms and Yamada Hanff just lets “the camera roll and if they sing, great, if not, I still love them!”

Yamada-Hanff has plans to make more videos in the New Year and states, “I hope to use my dogs' musical talents to help other animals in need. Maybe with all this new exposure, we can do that in the New Year.” The musical trio hopes to help organizations such as the National English Shepherd Rescue.

While most other dogs do nothing when they hear Cody and Sierra sing, “Some people have told me their dogs will sing when they hear them.” Could there be a doggie singing group in the future?

Yamada-Hanff quips, “We have heard of a few other English Shepherds that like to sing. We are thinking of holding tryouts for new band members!” Just imagine the possibilities.


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Cody, Sierra, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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