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Doing Our Part To End Hunger in America

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Homeless and hungry

In a country once believed to have streets paved with gold, people are going to bed hungry. Despite the obesity problem that exists in the United States, there are millions of people in America who wonder where their next meal will come from.

America is renowned for being a country with abundant access to all types of resources. While some gain weight and fight against flab, others are going hungry. It has become a country of contrasts with people spending money on fad diets while their neighbors struggle to put food on the table.

Millions Go Hungry Right Here in America

Known as one of the wealthiest countries on the globe, few people would expect Americans are "food insecure." According to USA Today, a report released by Feeding America revealed 49 million Americans are struggling to get food. One third of these people are children. A Pew Research report indicated 24 percent of the population could not afford to purchase food between 2012 and 2013. While it might seem unbelievable, we are one of the most food insecure of all the developed nations. It is important to find ways to resolve this issue in a country that throws away countless pounds of food each day.

Waste Not, Want Not

Unfortunately, the risk of liability means many places will not donate food to help feed people in need. For example, most stores throw away out-of-date food. Consider how often you clean out your own cabinets and refrigerator to get rid of outdated foods. We need to be more accurate about inventorying our supplies and buy only what we need for immediate consumption. The wasted food and money could take care of more people than you imagine. It all starts each one of us. When we only purchase what we need, it prevents waste. We can donate the money saved to food banks or give food to them before it get outdated. What we are unable to consume could be a blessing to someone who doesn't have a meal.

Giving Rather Than Receiving

Self-indulgence means we eat too much, spend excessive money and forget to think of the suffering others are going through. As Christians, it is important to have balance in our lives. We must avoid the temptation to overeat or be greedy. It feels better to share our resources with others so everyone gets enough. Overindulging can literally mean taking the food out of a child's mouth. We need to give rather than receive. It is time to think of what we can do to help someone else rather than pampering ourselves. Having consideration ultimately helps to feed the body, mind and spirit.

The next time you sit around noshing on your favorite snack and watching television, consider what you have done for someone else. Did you donate to charity or give your time and resources to a local food bank? We are all our brother's keepers and need to share what we have. This is what blessings are all about.

If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday. Isaiah 58:10

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