Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 Hits the Hamptons for the Holidays

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Spending the holidays in the Hamptons sounds idyllic unless you happen to be going with ABC's Don't Trust the B in Apt 23.

Heading to the tony Hamptons for the holidays sounds like an ideal way to spend a weekend unless you're going with ABC's “Don't Trust the B in Apt 23.” June is obsessed about hearing whether she got a great job while Chloe wants to head to the Hamptons for the famed Willoughby party. She manages to drag June in her pajamas in an attempt to cheer up James, who is still bummed out about losing “Dancing with the Stars.” Of course the weekend brings more than anyone expected.

Have it Your Way in the Hamptons on “Don't Trust the B in Apt 23”

Chloe can't wait to get to the Hamptons to attend the infamous Willoughby party. She figures it will be a way to make James feel better as he is suffering from “DWTS PTSD,” a stress disorder brought on by losing “Dancing with the Stars.” James is feeling insecure about his outfit and even stopped Googling himself. Meanwhile, June intends to sit around and wait for the phone to ring. As Chloe drags her to the Hamptons in her pajamas, she reminds June she has a cell phone.

June imagines the Hamptons as a place to bike to a lighthouse and have a sandwich with her thoughts as she wears a fisherman sweater. Chloe is thinking about her wild friend Katerina and the even wilder Willoughby party. While Robin drives the limo and Luther caters to James, Chloe drinks champage and yells obscenities whenever June's phone rings. Fortunately, none of the calls are June's prospective boss. June manages to stop to milk a goat and get peaches. Chloe is disgusted and can't wait to get to Chloe's to party.

Surprises in the Hamptons

If Chloe thought June was boring, she is in for a bigger surprise when they arrive at Katerina's house. Her former partying friend hands off one of her two screaming babies to Chloe, who is clearly shocked they will get to share the house with kids. James wants to take a walk on his own and is followed by Robin in the limo so Luther can hand him water.

June wants to go bird watching and stops at a local store after borrowing a sweater from Katerina. First June sees Mark the coffee guy at the store and he says he is with his demanding girlfriend Jennifer. Then June meets the famous Willougby at the store, a man Chloe has never even seen. Willoughby is wearing a bow tie and seems rather self-loathing. He invites June to the party with a cryptic written invitation. He also admires her sweater with pajamas. Chloe soon figures out the party address and can't wait to meet the mystery man and get to know him better. June would rather take a sunset tour of the cranberry bogs. Meanwhile, James runs into Mark during his walk. Mark lets him know Jennifer broke up with him again for good. James proposes they become bender buddies and Mark likes the idea of drinking the pain away.

Mystery Men in the Hamptons

June borrows a tight dress from Katerina to go to the party with Chloe. She also brings a pie, which embarrasses Chloe. As June tries to find a place to check her cell phone, she once again runs into Willoughby. He told her over 5,000 people attended his parties but none ever brought a pie. He asks her to get two pastry forks then announces his presence at the party. Chloe realizes it is her husband.

Apparently she met Bernard at a 2005 wedding party when she first arrived in NYC. Chloe finds out it was just an odd club kid who performed the marriage ceremony and she is not really married to Bernard. June is still worried about her job offer and asks Bernard if he has a computer. He says he does not but will let her use one of his vintage typewriters. James arrives at the party and does a dance routine with Mark in honor of his appearance on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Chloe feels there is nothing need for her to explore and she has partied in every possible way. She is disappointed the legendary Willoughby is just Bernard. Somehow she manages to jump into the bushes to have a heated moment with another mystery man. Chloe later announces it was Lenny Kravitz and they meet that way every year. Mark admits he likes June to Mark but never gets the courage to tell June. Meanwhile, June gets a voice mail from the financial company and Chloe has Robin drive her back to NYC for the interview. June winds up getting a job as a junior analyst and returns to the Hamptons to celebrate with her friends. Unfortunately, the Kahlua and cream Chloe gives her is made with Katerina's breast milk.

TAKE HOME MOMENT: Friends are always there when you need them, even if they seem distracted or strange. Living life each moment is better than waiting around for a phone call to make it happen. Sometimes mysteries are not as great as we believe they are and it is better to embrace what we already know and love. Life may not always deliver what we expected but it can always be wonderful if we focus on what we have while still keeping our dreams.

ABC's “Don't Trust the B in Apt 23” airs on Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET

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