Downsizing and Rolling Over on HGTV House Hunters Where Are They Now

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When buyers choose potential over perfection HGTV House Hunters Where Are They Now covers the incredible transformations.

Often fans wonder what happened to their favorite buyers on HGTV "House Hunters." The questions are all answered by HGTV "House Hunters Where Are They Now?" During the most recent episode, viewers saw some beautiful transformations as three couples worked hard to create their dream homes.

Rolling Over in Los Angeles on HGTV "House Hunters Where Are They Now?"

After two years of dating, Jake and Rudi decided they were ready to buy their first place together. They were apart due to work since Jake is an attorney in Los Angeles and Rudi owns a Palm Springs design construction firm. The dynamic duo had a budget of $700,000 to $1.4 million. The first house they saw was a Spanish bungalow in West Hollywood that needed a lot of work. The kitchen was narrow and there was no swimming pool. The second home in Hollywood Hills cost more but needed less fixing with features such as hardwood floors, glass block and spacious bedrooms. The home had sloping grounds with no pool and was not exactly Rudi's taste. The third house was smaller with high ceilings and needed little work. There was a large backyard but the bathrooms needed some help.

The couple decided to buy the first house and the transformation was amazing. In just two months, there was a new roof and windows as well as a swimming pool. After a year of working on the home, it had the wow factor. There were stained glass windows, a fireplace and a kitchen island with stainless steel appliances as well as custom cabinets. The in ground pool also had a spa and raised waterfall. The renovations cost $200,000 and the couple only lived there for about six months. Then they sold it to their friends Marc and Keith, who fell in love with the home. Jake and Rudi made a profit of $350,000 which they are sinking into a new fixer-upper in Hollywood Hills.

Getting Away from Mom and Dad on HGTV "House Hunters Where Are They Now?"

Tom and Kelsey were willing to make sacrifices to own a home outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The couple met in college and were living with Tom's parents. They wanted a place of their own with 2-3 bedrooms and 2 baths on a budget of $150,000. They knew the house would probably be a fixer-upper. The first place was on-budget with open space, a large kitchen, 2 baths and three large bedrooms. The second house was listed at $119,000 and had a cozy small dining area, a single bath and a large yard. The home with the most space was listed at $115,000 but it needed some repairs, especially in the bathroom. However, the house did have access to a lake across the street.

The young couple chose the third house and got ready to make some major repairs. After 2 months, they were in the middle of several construction projects. One year later they had a baby and were new parents to a little girl. They added homey touches such as a fireplace, renovated bathroom, an island in the kitchen and turned two small bedrooms into a spacious master suite with a master bath and walk-in closet. The remodeling cost $60,000 and the couple already has $30,000 in equity.

Downsizing on HGTV "House Hunters Where Are They Now?"

After a job loss, a Georgia family had to put their dream house on the market. Alex and Liz imagined future events in this posh home with a beautiful staircase but now they need a more affordable house. They have four children and want a room for each child a well as a gourmet kitchen. Alex has a construction background and will do the work himself. The first house was listed at $389,000 with a spacious entry, dated kitchen and signs of wear and tear. The master bedroom and three bedrooms were large with an unfinished attic space that could be a fourth bedroom. The next house was listed at $335,000 and needed updating with low ceilings and outdated baths but it had a bonus space upstairs. The third house was listed at $395,00 and was a move-in ready smaller home with granite and stainless steel in the kitchen and four bedrooms.

The couple chose the first home and found it required hard work to transform it into a dream house. After 18 months, the house was painted and the kitchen was modernized with stained cabinets and granite counters. The attic was transformed into a bedroom suite for the older son and he used it as a bachelor pad for his friends. There is another unfinished attic space they will turn into a bedroom and bath for their other son. All the work was completed for $20,000 since Alex did the labor. He also bought a liquor store with a business partner and was back to work. It was hard on mom because she was home with the kids but their daughter prefers the cozy home because they spend more family time together. The family agreed it was a painful experience but they would do it again.

TAKE HOME MOMENTS: A home can be a solid investment and help you get closer to your dream home. Buying a first home is the beginning of starting your own lives and family together. Downsizing can be a dream-come-true if a family has a plan and learns to enjoy spending time together in a cozier environment.

HGTV “House Hunters Where Are They Now” airs on weekdays at 10:00 p.m. ET

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