A Dueling Meatball Challenge on The Chew

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Today a sensational celebrity guest will join ABC's The Chew for a delicious dose of Meatball Madness everyone will enjoy including a Dueling Meatball Challenge between two crew members.

“The Chew” crew realizes people around the world make meatballs as part of their favorite meals. Whether they are smothered in tomato sauce or gravy, meatballs are a tasty part of people's daily diets. Today celebrity guest Susan Sarandon joins the crew for some Meatball Madness and a delightful Dueling Meatball challenge between Daphne and Michael. The show will also visit a famous meatball shop in NYC.

Susan Sarandon on “The Chew”

Today famous actress Susan Sarandom will join “The Chew” crew for some Meatball Madness in the kitchen. Susan is a Queens native of Italian descent so she is sure to have some mouthwatering meatball ideas. Since 1969, Susan has appeared in a variety of notorious movies. Many of them have made a political or moral statement, making them even more memorable.

In 1995, Susan received an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in “Dead Man Walking.” Before this, she was nominated for the award four times. Susan has received quite a bit of other recognition for her work. She also takes part in social and political activism for a variety of causes she believes in. Today Susan is going against Mario to make some meatballs everyone is sure to remember. These two steamy redheads are sure to heat up the kitchen on “The Chew.” The two are making turkey meatball neopolitana served in a martini glass. They are also dishing about ping pong and will play against each other to see who will be the champ. Besides acting, Susan own a ping pong social club called "Spin."

Mario offered a few tips for making the best meatballs. He had a Meatball Manifesto to share with viewers such as use one cup of bread crumbs with fatty meat. Meatballs should not be overcooked or overwork meatballs. Also, they can be baked or boiled to avoid a crusty firmness. Michael has his own ideas for delicious meatballs and will whip them out for a competition with Daphne.

More Meatball Madness on “The Chew”

Daphne and Michael will take part in an exciting Dueling Meatball Challenge. They are sure to make everyone hungry as they share their ideas for yummy meatballs. Both are amazing chefs with their own unique approach. Who do you think will triumph in this meatball duel? It brings to mind duels in the past, such as the Battle of the Iron Grandmas. The heat is on today in the kitchen as two of “The Chew” regulars strut their stuff.

Clinton is playing “Name Those Balls.” Two audience members have to taste meatballs and try to guess what type of meat is in five different types of meatballs. The audience members tasted meatballs made from lamb, pork, soy, beef and turkey. Only one answer was guessed correctly. The winner walked away with a hearty plate of meatballs.

The show will also share a recipe for some savory turkey meatballs. These are sure to be a low calories alternative that makes it possible for fans to feast on their favorite food without guilt. Correspondent Jason Roberts will also take a tour of a famous meatball shop in Brooklyn, New York. There is nothing quite like NYC meatballs and viewers will find out why. HULIQ with return with more later.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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