Easy Fall Kids Crafts from HGTV

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As the older children head back to school, HGTV recognizes the need to keep the little ones busy doing fun projects. Consider one of the fantastic fall craft projects HGTV recommends for kids.

Fall is almost here as the kids settle into getting back to school. Younger children want to do projects and work just like their older brothers and sisters. Keep them busy all weekend and throughout the week by working on fall projects suggested by HGTV. These easy crafts are the ideal way to keep little hands occupied.

Working with Wood

Doing woodwork projects doesn't have to involve a bunch of tools. All kids need is a dose of creativity to transform basic wood bracelets into beautiful jewelry for mom to wear all throughout the fall. Let the kids use an array of fall hues to paint fingerprints, stripes, dots and other patterns on bracelets. They can even choose their own colors to make bracelets as holiday presents or stocking stuffers. It makes sense to think ahead! Get even more glamorous by making a rose headband for your favorite little girl.

Come Full Circle

Do you know all those holiday towels from yesteryear that are gathering dust in your linen closet? Bring them out to transform them into colorful wreaths for any holiday or season. Use worn towels in fall patterns and hues to create an eye-catching autumn wreath. Your kids will feel so proud when you display it on the living room wall or in the front window.

It's For the Birds

Although the summer is slipping away, we can still appreciate the sights and sounds of nature. From the falling leaves to birds singing, show your kids ways to appreciate the world around us. Create your own unique bird feeders then hang them outdoors to attract birds to watch and talk about throughout the fall season.

To discover more about 20 fun and simple projects you can do with your kids this weekend, visit the HGTV website. You can even find out how to put all those old and stubby crayons to good use. Nothing brings families together like a few hours of crafting!

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