Eggs and Amish on 2 Broke Girls

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Tonight fans check out an unusual egg special on CBS' 2 Broke Girls after last week's hilarious episode featuring attractive Amish brothers.

CBS' “2 Broke Girls” gets funnier every week. Last week the girls met two young Amish men at the diner and put them to work on a barn for Caroline's horse. This week fans get to see whether tragedy will lead to triumph for this dynamic duo.

Amish Men Meet “2 Broke Girls”

Last week made viewers think of another popular show, “Breaking Amish.” Two young Amish men entered the diner and the girls could not believe they were real. After finding out the guys were actually Amish,. Max and Caroline decided to hire them to build a barn for her horse. Sophie thought building a barn meant something more suggestive and wanted a piece of the action. She doused the boys with water from her window and clearly thought they were a couple of Amish hunks.

Caroline also continued to date Andy the candyman. He discovered she was once wealthy and started to hold back during their dates. Max told him she was broke now but Andy still did not believe Caroline was the kind of girl who would like him. Max advises Caroline to get down and dirty to convince Andy she is a regular girl. When Caroline grinds against one of the Amish guys on the dance floor at a bar, he passes out due to a panic attack. Her dirty dancing convinces Andy she is approachable and he gives her a big kiss.

An Egg Special on “2 Broke Girls”

Tonight an all-new episode of “2 Broke Girls” airs on CBS and promises to be even funnier than last week. One Facebook fan commented, “This truly is a well-written show but at the same time it takes good actors to make the magic happen.” Nothing feels better than starting a hectic Monday with some laughter. Watching this show is a sure way to smile and feel less anxious about being broke as a new work week begins. Tonight Maxas Homemade Cupcakes of Williamsburg is mentioned in Martha Stewart's "Living" magazine. They get 10 cupcake orders then discover the soup kitchen across from Andy's candy shop was closed down due to a shooting. Caroline figures it could be an opportunity to rent a facility for their cupcake business.

The show's Facebook page questions whether tragedy will lead to triumph tonight for Max and Caroline. The girls cook up a surprising fundraising solution to help their cupcake dreams come true. A potential storefront for Maxas Homemade Cupcakes is available for rent and the “2 Broke Girls” want to make their fantasy a reality. Will Max really sell her eggs to make it happen? It seems that might be one of the solutions when financing options seem slim. Max is willing to sell her eggs but the donor bank wants a more accomplished woman with a college degree. Caroline considers it then chickens out at the end. Sophie originally says she does not lend money to friends but then visits the diner and hands a check for $20,000 to Caroline. Maybe they will get that cupcake shop after all!

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CBS “2 Broke Girls” airs on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET

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