Election Day 2012 Voting on The Chew

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Today on ABC's The Chew they are observing Election Day by voting on what to eat and the crew is also celebrating the release of Carla's first cookbook.

Today is Election Day 2012 which means it is time to vote on what to eat on ABC's “The Chew.” Many people are almost as passionate about their food choices as they are regarding their presidential pick. The crew and audience are also celebrating the release of Carla's first cookbook, “Cooking With Love.”

Election Day 2012 on “The Chew”

Now that Election Day is here, people are making a final decision about who to vote for. After all the banter about presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the moment of truth has arrived. As everyone clamors to get to the polls, there is an opportunity to take time out with their favorite afternoon lifetime television show. On “The Chew” it is time to vote on what to eat.

People get as excited about food as they do about leadership. Some prefer salty foods while others can't resist a sugary treat. There are vegetarians and meat eaters. Vegetables are always a controversial topic with some people choosing raw over cooked. Even those who cook vegetables might prefer to steam them over baking or boiling.

On today's episode of “The Chew” everyone gets a vote about what to eat. Will they choose pasta, rice or potatoes? Is the favorite fruit of the season apples or pumpkins? There are some of the questions that might be answered on the show. Either way, it is fun to consider your favorite foods and cast your vote by making them for dinner.

Voting seems to be serious business when viewers look at the faces of Mario and Michael on today's show. One Facebook fan commented, “Michael looks mad...not like his usual jolly self!” Another viewer wondered, “Is Michael ok? He looks or seems a little stressed out, or tired, concerned fan here.” Voting often makes people feel anxious. Viewers are sure to find out more soon.

All week long, viewers voted on what dishes they would like to see cooked on “The Chew” on Election Day. The crew will be cooking up a few favorites based on viewer opinion. Also, the show announced $15.6 million was already raised through ABC's Day of Giving for Hurricane Sandy yesterday.

“The Chew” also talked about culinary favorites for the candidates. Chips and guacamole are a favorite snack for Barack Obama. On the other hand, Mitt Romney chooses hot chocolate over coffee in the morning. Romney's wife makes him mini meatloaf cakes with a brown sugar glaze, one of his favorites. On the night before the second presidential debate, Obama feasted on steak and potatoes.

Carla's First Cookbook “Cooking With Love”

Recently “The Chew” released their first book entitled, “Food, Life, Fun.” The title suits the mood of the crew. The show is a daily celebration of cuisine, living and having a good time. Now everyone will be celebrating the release of Carla Hall's first cookbook, “Cooking With Love.” One fan stated, “Love the show, love the chefs, the recipes they show us and their cookbook, have made several recipes from it and on the show.” Another fan congratulated Carla on her new book and is looking forward to purchasing a copy.

Carla said publishing the book was like being pregnant for a year. Daphne loves the recipes and the crew is extremely enthusiastic about the new cookbook. Carla will be cooking up one of the recipes later during the show. Fans can also get a sample recipe of chicken pot pie at her website. "Cooking With Love" is officially on sale today. HULIQ will return with more later.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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