Fat Tuesday cocktail recipes from The Chew for your Mardi Gras party

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Today two hot celebrities join ABC's The Chew to enjoy a magnificent Mardi Gras party with a few fantastic Fat Tuesday cocktail recipes.

A party is not complete without good friends, great food and amazing drinks. Today two celebrities will join ABC's “The Chew” for the ultimate Mardi Gras party featuring a few fabulous Fat Tuesday cocktail recipes. Everyone is ready to eat, drink and be merry for another day before Lent starts tomorrow on Ash Wednesday.

A Merry Mardi Gras Party on ABC's “The Chew”

Today people will be celebrating with Mardi Gras parties in New Orleans and throughout the Bayou. I spoke to Bayou author, Mariana Titus, about Mardi Gras parades and traditional Cajun cuisine. She mentioned unusual fare such as fried squirrel and rabbit spaghetti. Mariana also discussed familiar favorites such as King Cake and all types of barbecued cuisine. While it is unlikely they will prepare fried squirrel on ABC's “The Chew,” their Mardi Gras party is sure to be filled with mouthwatering food options. They are also serving up some sensational Fat Tuesday cocktail recipes.

On ABC's “The Chew,” Clinton Kelly offers an array of irresistible cocktail recipes. During the summer, he served refreshing concoctions that were perfect to serve around the pool or at the beach. Throughout the holiday season he taught fans how to imbibe with their friends to celebrate this joyful time of year. Mardi Gras is a colorful celebration filled with parades, parties and good-natured drinking. Clinton is sure to offer some sensational cocktail ideas for Carnival season to serve at parties held all over the country tonight.

The food recipes are sure to be authentic, too, with a professional chef from New Orleans on the scene. Chef, restaurateur, author, philanthropist and TV personality John Besh will be joining “The Chew” crew today. He is the owner and executive chef at Restaurant August in New Orleans, which landed on the Gourmet Magazine's list of Best Restaurants twice. He also owns nine other restaurants including Besh Steak in Harrah's New Orleans Casino. Fans learned how to prepare and serve steak earlier this week on “The Chew.” Today is sure to be filled with mouthwatering meal ideas to make your Mardi Gras party even more fun. Much like Mariana, John was born on the Bayou. He prepared a classic favorite for Mardi Gras, a shrimp, chicken, and andouille jambalaya.

Cheryl Hines and Fat Tuesday Cocktails on “The Chew”

A party on “The Chew” is not complete unless a celebrity guest shows up. Today Cheryl Hines of ABC's “Suburgatory” will be on the scene to appreciate a few Fat Tuesday cocktail recipes with Clinton Kelly and the crew. Her character on television is fun-loving and she is sure to have a good time during today's Mardi Gras party. People all over the suburbs will be having their own kind of celebrations before the fasting starts for Lent and Ash Wednesday. Fat Tuesday cocktail recipes featured on the show could include traditional delights such as margaritas. Also served on Shrove Tuesday are favorties such as New Orleans hurricanes, mai tais and mojitos. Grab your beads and get ready because HULIQ will return with more later.

The food looked delicious. Cheryl Hines and Clinton prepared shrimp fritters that actually looked a lot like corn fritters. They also shared a hot cocktail. Clinton made a soda stinger inferno. A shot of almond liqueur was topped with high proof rum, lit on fire then dropped into a glass of beer. That is sure to get people feeling happy for Mardi Gras!

ABC's “The Chew” airs on weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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