The finale of 30 Rock and how Tina Fey went beyond Mary Tyler Moore

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As fans of NBC's 30 Rock prepare for the bittersweet finale tonight many consider how Tina Fey inadvertently transformed television for women.

After seven hilarious years, tonight is the final episode of NBC's “30 Rock.” While everyone can't wait to see how the series ends, it also brings to mind the brilliant work of Tina Fey. More than just funny, Fey somehow managed to change the world of television for women.

The Final Episode of NBC's “30 Rock”

Tonight is the hour-long final episode of NBC's “30 Rock.” Last week Jack handed NBC over to Kenneth. Liz and Criss discovered their two adopted children closely resembled TJ and Jenna, so she is sure to have similar experiences as a mother. Everyone wonders how the last episode will wrap it all up. It might not be neatly, especially when you consider the madcap shows that led up to the bittersweet ending tonight.

No matter how it ends, fans are sad to see their favorite television show come to a close. For years people have been tuning into NBC's “30 Rock” to laugh and unwind from their own long workdays. It reveals the comedic element that exists in every workplace. Jack is the quintessential egotistical boss while Jenna and TJ think mostly of themselves. Liz Lemon is motivated and anxious about her world with an incredible sense of humor and irony. Jonathan and Kenneth are the typical subservient workers. It all comes together seemingly seamlessly every week to entertain, and in some ways, even enlighten viewers.

One Facebook fan commented, “You were witty, you were weird and sometimes you were over my head like an ex-girlfriend from science camp but you were always great. Much love xoxo.” A fan at GetGlue said, “Tonight is '30 Rock''s series finale. It's been a great planned last season, securing it as one of the best sitcoms, ever. I'm glad we got to go there.” Below is a preview of tonight's final episode of “30 Rock.”

Liz Lemon proves women can be successful without being conformists. She is basic looking without fashionable frills. Liz dares to eat junk food, have bad hair days and say what she feels. Her relationship with Jack is friendly and reciprocal in a unique way. Liz also successfully writes for and runs her own TV show, much like Tina Fey. Few women can break into this traditionally male-dominated world.

Tina Fey Changes the Face of Television and Women with “30 Rock”

While Tina Fey might not have set out to do it, she changed the face of television and women with NBC's “30 Rock.” The show is both smart and funny, just like Tina herself. Instead of focusing solely on Tina as a comedian, her incredible talent has also furthered the careers of her co-stars Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan. She remains true to herself and her comedy, much like Liz Lemon. Tina Fey may not necessarily be a feminist leader but she had done a lot for women who want to break into comedy and writing for television.

Below Tina Fey talks about the finale of “30 Rock.” She states all good things must come to an end. They had a good run and a lot of fun. It brings to mind the last episode of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” when the crew all walked out of the newsroom. Mary Tyler Moore was a groundbreaking force and proved women can be single and have a career in the male-dominated world of television. Tina Fey continues to carry the torch and take it a few steps further. While Mary was always polished and perfect, Tina Fey shows women can be down-to-earth and still get what they want. Liz doesn't cower to Jack but stands more as his equal and occasionally has a drink with him. Lou always seemed to hold the dominant position with Mary and she always declined a drink. Tina Fey has revamped the image of independent women and made everyone laugh in the process. It is definitely a bittersweet moment as NBC's “30 Rock” comes to an end. Tune in at 8:00 p.m. ET tonight to watch "Hogcock!/Last Lunch."

NBC's “30 Rock” airs on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET

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