Five Fast Ways to Share Your Christian Love


The winter doldrums have set in and ongoing storms make it difficult to see our loved ones. There are little ways you can share Christian love and bring sunshine to the gloomiest day while everyone waits for spring to arrive.

We often miss our loved ones during the stormy days of winter. The weather makes traveling difficult and we feel alone until the warmth of spring arrives. Fortunately, there are little ways we can spread Christian sunshine all year round. Show the love now and soon you'll be visiting the people you care about again.

Check Out Family Photos

Remember the photos you took at last summer's barbecue? It's time to send them out to make everyone smile. Some people do not engage in social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Others are not online at all. Consider the recipient when you send over photos. If they are digitally savvy, send a friendly email with digital photos attached. This is much more personal that posting pictures to Facebook. Reach out to older people by getting digital prints made by an affordable service such as Snapfish. Tuck them into a "thinking of you" card to let them know how much you care. After all, you don't need a special occasion to send snail mail.

Say It With Flowers

During the winter, people miss tending gardens and walking outdoors. Bring a bit of the outside indoors by sending colorful flowers to people you care about. You can send flowers online from services such as FTD. Have a card tucked into the bouquet that reads, "Jesus loves you and so do I." This is sure to bring a dose of springtime cheer into the homes of the people you care about most.

Send Prayer Cards

Slip prayer cards into your kids' lunches to encourage them to remember Jesus during the day. Do the same for your spouse. Send prayer cards to your favorite people. When people read the Lord's Prayer, they suddenly feel uplifted no matter what the weather is like outside. Have your church or prayer group create customized plastic cards that include a special sentiment and encourage people to participate in your congregation or group.

Call or Text with a Special Message

We live in a digital age and everyone is checking their electronic devices during the day. Be a voice of reason that stands out from corporate messages and sales pitches. Send a text or call and leave a message letting everyone know Jesus loves them and you do, too. Be upbeat and let people know you miss them and want to visit with them soon.

Give the Gift of Shopping

People who can't get out of the house in inclement weather often spend a lot of time online. During these months, online shopping is a favorite pastime. Give the gift of Christian shopping to encourage people to get Bibles, home decor and other religious items. For example, you can get gift cards from The Catholic Company to send to people you love.

You can also reach out to your neighbors. Offer to shovel snow, take in mail or just bring over a steaming batch of fresh blueberry muffins. Little things mean a lot and can help people get through the final gray days of winter.